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MSC Fantasia Virtual Tour 360°

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MSC Fantasia Cruise Ship Virtual Tour in 360°

A 360° view of MSC Fantasia gives you a sense of immersion, allowing you to explore a scene as if it is physically present. Without missing any single area, you can explore living areas, cabins and suits, buffets and restaurants, entertainment & leisure rooms, theater, dining areas, outdoor pools, spas, casinos, lounges, bars, fitness & relaxation, and yacht clubs.

Detailed Information of the 360° Virtual Tour of MSC Fantasia:


  • Aurea Suite is likely a premium option with enhanced amenities and services.
  • Balcony: You can see the different types of patios on the ship, which offer beautiful ocean views.
  • Ocean View: Experience the comfortable cabins with windows that provide scenic ocean views.
  • Inside: Explore the interior houses for a more budget-friendly accommodation option.

Public Areas

  • Reception: Glimpse the ship's main reception area, where guests check-in and receive information.
  • La Profumeria: This might refer to a perfume shop or a boutique where you can shop for luxury goods.
  • Il Cerchio d'Oro: This could be a restaurant or a dining area with a specific theme.
  • Piazza San Giorgio: Explore an open space on the ship, possibly with entertainment or relaxation spots.
  • Teatro l'Avanguardia: Virtually visit the ship's avant-garde theater, where various performances occur.
  • Casino Delle Palme: Virtual walk through the ship's casino area.
  • L'Insolito Lounge: Experience a lounge area with a unique atmosphere and design.
  • Sports and Bowling Diner: See the sports and bowling facilities the ship offers, potentially a fun activity area.
  • Aqua Park: Explore the water park area, which might include pools, water slides, and recreational water features.
  • Magrodome: This could be a retractable dome over a puddle or recreational area, allowing for year-round use.
  • Lido Catalano: Likely an outdoor dining or relaxation area on the ship's deck.
  • Polo Nord: This might refer to a bar, lounge, or public space. 
  • Liquid Disco Bar: Check out the ship's disco-themed bar for a taste of the nightlife.
  • Liquid Disco Pista: This could be the dance floor area within the disco. 
  • Top 18 Exclusive Solarium: Experience an exclusive sunbathing and relaxation area reserved for adults. 

MSC Aurea Spa

  • Reception: See the entrance and reception of the spa area. 
  • Jacuzzi: Visualize the spa's jacuzzi area, possibly a place for relaxation. 
  • Bagno Turco: Explore the spa's Turkish bath or sauna facilities. 
  • Gym: Take a virtual tour of the ship's fitness center. 

MSC Yacht Club

  • Concierge Area: Experience the exclusive area where MSC Yacht Club guests receive personalized service. 
  • L'Etoile: This could be a restaurant within the MSC Yacht Club. 
  • Top Sail Lounge: See the lounge area reserved for MSC Yacht Club guests. 
  • The One Bar: Explore the bar facilities within the MSC Yacht Club. 
  • The One Pool: Visualize the pool area exclusively available to MSC Yacht Club guests. 
  • Deluxe Suite: Glimpse the luxurious suite options within the MSC Yacht Club. 
  • Royal Suite: Explore the even more opulent royal suite within the Yacht Club. 
  • Executive and Family Suite: These are likely other options catering to families or those seeking more space. 

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