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MSC Opera Virtual Tour 360°

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MSC Opera Cruise Ship Virtual Tour in 360°

Our 360° view offers a more accurate environment representation than flat images of the MSC Opera cruise ship. It gives a better sense of the cruise ship's space, layout, design, and destination. It helps to understand the view of various elegant accommodations, suites, cabins, leisure and entertainment areas, bars or lounges, pools, shopping areas, exciting spray parks, and clubs. 

Detailed Information of the 360° Virtual Tour of MSC Opera: 


  • Aurea Suite: Explore the luxurious and spacious suites that offer premium amenities and comfortable living spaces. 
  • Balcony: Get a virtual look at the cabins with private balconies, where you can enjoy breathtaking ocean views and fresh air. 
  • Ocean View: Tour the cabins that provide panoramic views of the ocean, giving you a sense of the vastness of the sea. 
  • Partial View: Check out the cabins offering limited but enjoyable views of the surrounding sea. 
  • Inside: Experience the interior cabins that provide cozy accommodations without external views. 

Public Areas

  • Aroma Coffee Bar: Take a virtual stroll through the coffee bar, where you can imagine sipping your favorite brew in a relaxing atmosphere. 
  • La Caravella Restaurant: Explore the interior virtually, envisioning the dining experience and ambiance. 
  • Charms, Bijoux, and Duty-Free: Explore jewelry and duty-free products in the shopping area. 
  • Piazza di Spagna: Imagine walking through a central gathering space, possibly featuring a design reminiscent of the Spanish Steps in Rome. 
  • Sottovento Pub: Virtually visit the pub to get a sense of its design, layout, and the social atmosphere it offers. 
  • Swarovski and Shore Excursion Office: Explore the areas where you can shop for Swarovski products and gather information about shore excursions. 
  • Card Room, Library, and Internet Point: Experience the ship's quieter areas, where you can read, play cards, and access the internet. 
  • Teatro dell'Opera: Take a virtual theater tour, imagining the entertainment and performances. 
  • Beauty and Cosmetics: Explore areas related to beauty treatments and cosmetics, envisioning a relaxing spa experience. 
  • Cotton Club: Understand the club's atmosphere and design, potentially offering music and entertainment. 
  • La Cabala Piano Bar: Imagine enjoying live piano music and drinks in a sophisticated setting. 
  • L'Approdo Restaurant: Explore another dining option on the ship, envisioning the different culinary experiences available. 
  • Med Pearl Casino: Visit the casino area virtually, picturing the games and entertainment it offers. 
  • Doremi Spray Park: Imagine a water play area, possibly designed for family fun and relaxation. 
  • Le Vele Buffet: Take a virtual look at the buffet area, envisioning the dining options available. 
  • Lo Spinnaker Pool: Experience the pool area virtually, understanding the layout and relaxation opportunities. 
  • Mini Club: Explore the club designed for younger kids, envisioning the fun activities and supervision. 
  • Byblos Discoteca: Get a virtual feel for the ship's nightclub, imagining the music and dancing. 
  • Juniors Club: Explore the club for older kids, envisioning the entertainment options and socializing. 
  • Teens Club: Take a virtual tour of the club designed for teenagers, imagining the hangout spots and activities. 
  • Young Club: Get a sense of the dedicated club space for young adults. 
  • Minigolf: Explore the ship's minigolf course virtually, envisioning some leisurely fun. 
  • TOP 13: Discover what the TOP 13 area offers, potentially a secluded space for relaxation. 

MSC Aurea Spa

  • Aurea SPA Reception: Virtually visit the spa's reception area, envisioning the warm welcome and services offered. 
  • Gym: Experience the gym area virtually, understanding the fitness equipment and layout. 
  • SPA Massage Rooms: Explore the massage rooms, imagining the relaxation and rejuvenation experiences. 
  • SPA Relaxation Room: Feel the relaxation room, potentially a tranquil space to unwind. 
  • SPA Sauna and Steam Room: Virtually visit the sauna and steam room areas, envisioning the soothing heat experiences. 
  • SPA Doctor Room: Explore the space where spa consultations might take place. 
  • Thalasso Therapy Room: Imagine the unique therapies offered in a dedicated room. 

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