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MSC Preziosa Virtual Tour 360°

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MSC Preziosa Cruise Ship Virtual Tour in 360°

Lay your 360° eyes upon the luxuriant MSC Preziosa. A Ship filled with not only elegance and charm but also the marks of history courses through its endless cabin rooms, MSC Aurea Spa’s delightful steam, and MSC Yacht Club’s stately rooms. A ship that once had an owner named Gaddafi, today, MSC Cruises is a proud owner of this marvelous feat of luxury and grace. 

Detailed Information of the 360° Virtual Tour of MSC Preziosa:


  • Aurea Suite: Explore the luxurious Aurea Suite with its premium amenities and comfortable living spaces. 
  • Super Family: Discover the spacious Super Family accommodations designed to cater to families' needs. 
  • Balcony: Experience the comfort of a cabin with a private balcony offering stunning ocean views. 
  • Ocean View: Get a glimpse of the places with large windows providing scenic ocean views. 
  • Inside: Explore the cozy and well-appointed Inside cabins for a comfortable stay. 

Public Areas

  • Preziosa Reception: Step into the ship's reception area, a central hub for information and assistance. 
  • The Golden Lobster: Check out this elegant restaurant known for its exquisite dining experiences. 
  • II Gioiello: Explore II Gioiello, another dining venue offering a range of culinary delights. 
  • La Boutique: Take a virtual stroll through the onboard boutique for shopping and fashion. 
  • La Caramella: Discover La Caramella, a sweet shop offering delightful treats. 
  • L'angolo dell'oggetto: Explore this corner with intriguing objects for sale. 
  • La Profumeria: Get a glimpse of the perfume shop, where you can indulge in fragrances. 
  • L'Arabesque: Experience the charm of L'Arabesque, a unique onboard space. 
  • Phoenikian Plaza: Walk through the Phoenikian Plaza, likely an open area for relaxation. 
  • Platinum Theater: Peek into the theater where various entertainment shows take place. 
  • El Dorado: Explore El Dorado, a venue possibly offering drinks and socializing. 
  • Fashion Bijoux: See the fashion and jewelry store for some onboard shopping. 
  • La Locanda: Experience the ambiance of La Locanda, which could be a dining or gathering spot. 
  • Millennium Star Casino: Look at the ship's casino, where guests can enjoy games of chance. 
  • Safari Lounge: Explore this lounge, likely themed for relaxation and socializing. 
  • Sports and Bowling Diner: Check out the sports and bowling facilities on board. 
  • The Green Sax: Experience the atmosphere of The Green Sax, possibly a lounge or bar. 
  • Aqua Park: See the Aqua Park, an area for water-based fun and relaxation. 
  • Inca Buffet: Take a virtual tour of the buffet venue, which offers various food options. 
  • La Playa Preciosa: Explore La Playa Preciosa, which could be an open-air relaxation spot. 
  • Doremiland: Get a glimpse of Doremiland, possibly an area for kids' activities. 
  • I Graffiti's: Experience I Graffiti's, which might be a restaurant or dining venue. 
  • The Golden Bar: See the bar area known as The Golden Bar. 
  • 4D Cinema and F1 Simulator: Explore the entertainment options of the 4D Cinema and F1 Simulator. 
  • Doremi Castle: Discover Doremi Castle, likely a designated children's area. 
  • Galaxy Lounge: Experience the atmosphere of the Galaxy Lounge, possibly an entertainment venue. 
  • Sky and Stars: Take a virtual stroll through Sky and Stars, which could be an observation deck. 
  • TOP 18 Exclusive Solarium: Explore the exclusive solarium area for relaxation and sunbathing. 

MSC Aurea Spa

  • Reception: See the spa's reception area, where guests can make appointments and inquiries. 
  • Barber Shop: Explore the onboard barber shop for grooming services. 
  • Beauty Parlour: Look at the beauty parlor for various spa treatments. 
  • Gym: See the ship's gym facilities for those who want to stay active. 
  • Harmony Suite: Explore the Harmony Suite, a likely spa treatment room. 
  • Massage Room: Get a glimpse of a massage room for relaxation. 
  • Relaxation Room: Experience the relaxation room for unwinding after spa treatments. 
  • SPA Doctor Room: Peek into the room where spa consultations occur. 

MSC Yacht Club

  • Concierge Area: Explore the concierge area of the MSC Yacht Club, a premium guest experience. 
  • Le Palmeraie: Glimpse Le Palmeraie, possibly a lounge or relaxation area. 
  • Top Sail Lounge: Experience the ambiance of the Top Sail Lounge, a unique space for Yacht Club guests. 
  • The One Bar: See The One Bar, offering drinks and refreshments to Yacht Club guests. 
  • The One Pool: Discover The One Pool, a private pool area for Yacht Club guests. 
  • Deluxe Suite: Look at the Deluxe Suite accommodation within the Yacht Club. 
  • Royal Suite: Explore the Royal Suite, likely an opulent accommodation option. 
  • Executive and Family Suite: Get a glimpse of the Executive and Family Suite options within the Yacht Club. 

Step into her world with the help of and experience a voyage of a lifetime worth the evening gossip of the twilight evenings upon its stately deck. 

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