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Glacier, Alaska
Glacier, Alaska

Best Time to Cruise to Alaska

You are planning for an Alaska cruise, then check out this post to know about the best time to cruise in Alaska.

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Alaska is one of the most sought-after destinations for a cruise vacation. The extraordinarily beautiful state of the US attracts tourists with its exotic wildlife, magnificent natural beauty, and wonderful culture and history. Whether you are coming to see Alaska's mountains or glaciers or the breathtaking northern lights, you are sure to take along lifelong memories.

If this fascinating land beckons you, you can plan your cruise vacation from May until September. During this time, the seas are safest and the weather is comparatively warmer.

The Best Time to Take a Cruise to Alaska

Peak Season

The rush of the tourists is maximum in July and August. The demand for the cruise is high as there are more sunny days and clearer skies during this time of the year. Also, summer vacations are on in schools making it a popular time for family vacations. Hence, it is highly advisable that you book your cruise in advance.

Shoulder Season

The high season of July and August is definitely the most recommended time, but it is also the most expensive time to be on an Alaska cruise vacation. If you are looking for some amazing deals, go for an Alaska cruise in the shoulder months of May and September.

During this period, you can expect at least a 20 percent discount on your cruise. Besides the cost advantage, there are other perks of traveling in the shoulder season. You can get your choice of cabins and also activities. If you are traveling at the end of September, you also stand a chance to see northern light. You are also less likely to face mosquito problems during the shoulder season. On the downside, the days are shorter and you can expect a lot more rains during the shoulder season. So, you would need to pack waterproof jackets and warm clothes.


If spotting wildlife is the focus of your Alaska cruise. You should look to travel during shoulder season, particularly the spring season. In May and June, animals come out of their hibernation and their mating season is underway. As the seasons are short, animals are more active, and hence spotting them is easier. In the fall months, too animal activity increases as during this time they are busy foraging food that will help them survive the cold winter season.

The ideal time for spotting specific wildlife

If you are interested in watching bears in specific, you should look to travel between mid-June and the end of August, which is the peak season for traveling in Alaska. To spot baby eagles as they spread their wings, you should plan to be in Alaska in August or September.

Watching whales surface on the water is one of the most loved activities in Alaska. Gray whales are best spotted during May, humpback whales regale tourists with their activities in June and July, while orcas can be watched in May and June.


If you are planning to visit Alaska during shoulder season, it is advisable that you choose a cruise line that offers plenty of onboard activities. So, even if the weather is not favorable for on-shore activities, you can keep yourself entertained with various activities or enjoy nightlife onboard. However, if you are more interested in spending time in the picturesque landscapes of Alaska, you should be booking your cruise holiday during the summer season.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Time to Cruise Alaska

1. What is the cheapest month to cruise to Alaska?

The cheapest month to cruise to Alaska is May to September. It is the time when you can save some money.

2. When should I go on an Alaskan cruise?

Travelers often book cruises from January through March. There are industry-wide sales that take place during wave season, which can result in significant discounts on that cruise you've been dreaming about.

3. How many days is enough for Alaska trip?

To visit and explore the Alaska you may need around seven to ten days.

4. Is Alaska cheap for tourists?

While Alaska is an expensive destination, there are ways to make it affordable. There is no guarantee that this trip will be the cheapest you've ever taken, but it won't ruin your budget completely either.

5. What part of Alaska is best for whale watching?

Juneau is the best place for whale watching in Alaska, since there are so many whales that you are guaranteed to see them. There is also whale watching in Ice Strait, but there are no guarantees (although most tours see whales).

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