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What to Wear on an Alaska Cruise?

Don't let the unpredictable Alaskan weather catch you off guard on your cruise. Our guide on what to wear will help you stay comfortable and stylish throughout your journey.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Alaska is a unique destination, and planning what to wear on an Alaska cruise can be a bit daunting. With its unpredictable weather, scenic beauty, and diverse activities, it's important to pack the right clothing for your trip.

What to Wear on an Alaska Cruise?

Here are some tips on what to wear on an Alaska cruise to make the most of your vacation:

Layer Up

One of the most important things to keep in mind when packing for an Alaska cruise is to dress in layers. The temperature can change quickly, especially when you're out at sea, so it's important to be able to add or remove layers as needed.

Start with a moisture-wicking base layer to keep you dry and comfortable. This could be a thermal top and leggings or a long-sleeved t-shirt and yoga pants. Next, add a mid-layer, such as a fleece or a sweater, for warmth. Finally, top it off with a waterproof and windproof outer layer, such as a jacket or a raincoat. A hat and gloves are also essential for keeping your head and hands warm.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Alaska is a destination for adventure lovers, and you'll want to explore the beautiful natural scenery by foot. A comfortable pair of walking shoes or hiking boots is a must. Make sure your shoes have good traction, as some of the trails can be slippery, and pack a pair of socks to keep your feet warm and dry.

Dress for Formal Nights

Most Alaska cruises have at least one formal night, and it's a great opportunity to dress up and take some memorable photos. For women, a cocktail dress is appropriate, while men should wear a suit. If you don't want to pack formalwear, a nice outfit such as a dress shirt and slacks or a blouse and skirt will also work.

Casual Wear

While formal nights are a fun occasion to dress up, most of your time on an Alaska cruise will be spent in casual wear. Bring comfortable clothes such as t-shirts, jeans, shorts, and skirts. Avoid clothing that is too tight or restrictive, as you'll want to be able to move around comfortably while participating in activities such as kayaking or hiking.

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While Alaska's water may be chilly, many cruise ships have heated pools and hot tubs. Don't forget to pack a swimsuit if you plan on taking a dip in the pool or relaxing in the hot tub.


Alaska is known for its stunning scenery, and you'll want to capture it all on camera. Don't forget to bring a camera, extra batteries, and a memory card. Binoculars are also handy for spotting wildlife from the ship.

Other accessories to consider include sunglasses, a hat, and a scarf. Sunglasses are important for protecting your eyes from the glare of the sun reflecting off the water, while a hat and scarf can help keep you warm on cooler days.

Formal Night Accessories

If you're planning on dressing up for a formal night, don't forget to bring some accessories to complete your look. Women may want to bring a clutch purse, jewelry, and ballerinas, while men should bring a tie or bow tie, cufflinks, and dress shoes.

Casual Night Accessories

While casual wear is appropriate for most evenings on an Alaska cruise, you may want to bring some accessories to add some flair to your outfits. A statement necklace or bracelet can dress up a simple outfit, while a scarf or belt can add some color and texture.

In conclusion, when packing for an Alaska cruise, it's important to dress in layers, bring comfortable walking shoes, and pack clothing appropriate for both formal and casual occasions. Don't forget to bring accessories such as a camera, binoculars, medicines, etc. One of the finest experiences of your cruise holiday will undoubtedly be shore excursions in Alaska, where you may see many stunning locations and engage in fun activities. As a culturally diverse area, it is renowned for its warm welcome of cruise passengers. So plan a cruises to Alaska on your upcoming trip and benefit from some of the best shore activities.

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