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Amazing Things To Shop For In Bermuda

There are many Bermuda-made items to buy, including cedar art, ornaments, and charms made with pink sand. Find out more here.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Bermuda is famed for its quaint stores and boutiques where you may take home an authentic memento of your visit, such as handcrafted cedar carvings, colorful knee-length shorts, pottery and perfume. Moreover, you can get designer apparel, sophisticated housewares, and fine jewelry, thanks to various concept stores. Given that there is no additional sales tax, there's a decent possibility you'll be packing your bags with quite a few solid deals. Are you unsure where to begin? Read this blog to know the top things to buy in Bermuda in Bermuda.

Amazing things to buy in Bermuda

1. Souvenirs and items made of glass

You'll find a vast choice of glassware items when shopping in Bermuda. Bermuda is noted for its huge collection of exquisitely handcrafted glassware. These are among the top things to buy in Bermuda. Vases, pitchers, plates, glass statues, jewelry, and much more can be found. The colors are vibrant, and the sculpture is highly detailed. There will be plenty of opportunities to buy some unique glassware items, and you may even get to observe some of them being manufactured.

2. Rum Cake

Rum cake is one of the most common items to purchase in Bermuda. These cakes are created with local rum and are made fresh every day and packed specifically to extend their shelf life. Rum cakes can be a great gift option for friends and family, and after you try one, you'll understand why.

3. Perfume

Bermuda provides a wide assortment of perfumes with tempting scents inspired by the island. The smells are enticing and pleasant, with mild scents of oleander, lilies, jasmine, and passionflower, and are made with the best materials. Perfume is one of the must-buy things in Bermuda. Bermuda's azure skies, tropical greenery, and tranquil ocean waves are all captured in the scents. You could even get an opportunity to observe how some of these unique Bermuda souvenirs are manufactured in some of the stores.

4. Bermuda Cedar Items

Bermuda is home to a unique cedar tree that can't be found any place else. Settlers to Bermuda discovered that the scented wood of the cedar tree could be used to make a variety of household products. When looking for places to purchase in Bermuda nowadays, you'll find a plethora of establishments providing Bermuda Cedar products. Everything from small trinkets and necklaces to exquisite furniture has been made from dark, appealing wood. You may also purchase cedar incense cones and essential oils to take home the relaxing aroma of Bermuda cedar.

5. Ceramics and clay

Bermuda is a leading clayware producer in the Caribbean. So, it's no surprise that you'll find plenty of lovely ceramic and clay handicrafts while shopping in Bermuda. Choose some beautiful and decorative pieces for your home or as gifts. You may even be able to personalize some things at select stores. It is one of the amazing things to buy in Bermuda in Bermuda.

Wrapping up

Bermuda features some of the most gorgeous and unusual souvenirs that you must take home with you! If you're looking for art, crafts, jewelry, pottery, and food items, the list of top things to buy in Bermuda is not a short one. Planning to take a Bermuda trip on a cruise? Visit and get amazing deals on cruise tickets.

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