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Best Things to do in Lanzarote

Plan your itinerary well in advance and enjoy these 5 best things to do in Lanzarote as you relax on your summer vacation.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Lanzarote is a Spanish island in the Atlantic Ocean, famous for tourism. The place provides a stark contrast between fiery volcanoes and calming seas, lava fields and luscious palm groves, white sandy beaches, and Rocky Mountains. The varied landscape, along with the many features that the place offers, makes it a popular tourist attraction. If you are wondering what to do in Lanzarote, we have got you. Here is a list of the 5 best things to do in Lanzarote!

Experience the 5 Best Things to do in Lanzarote

1. Hiking up the Volcanic Landscapes

If you wish to experience the goodness of nature, then try finding yourself in Timanfaya National Park. Being one of the volcanic representatives in the Canary Island Archipelago, the place keeps you on your toes with the beautifully shaped rocks and indescribable caves. The place also offers designated guided bus tours. The igneous rocks of the Montana Corona Costa are a colourful mix of blacks, browns, and reds, making it even better during sunsets on the horizon.

2. Lanzarote’s Lovely Beaches

The total imagery of the glowing beaches during early sunrise with the volcanic wastelands at a distance is beautiful. The tide washes over to create the best sceneries for you to enjoy. Beach house restaurants are an excellent place for night-time relaxation by the sea. Snorkelling, surfing, and diving are among the top activities that are greatly enjoyed by tourists. Ferry rides along the quieter parts of the islands can be taken if you wish for moments of peace and quiet.

3. Foods to Relish By The Coast

Delicious food is indeed the way to one’s heart. And what better way than to enjoy the same on this peaceful island. Along with the view, you could try out the exclusive cuisines which majorly revolve around fresh seafood. It is offered by the fantastic cliff-top restaurants at Lanzarote. Stalls by the side which deliver street foods are also quite a delight to experience. Vineyards are in abundance, given the rich volcanic soil. Wine tasting is another personal favourite for tourists who wish to learn about and share the renowned region’s collection.

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4. Atlantico Museum and Others

This is not your typical museum. What makes the Atlantico museum one of the 5 best things to do in Lanzarote is that it is an underwater museum featuring over 400 underwater sculptures? Along with marine life, one can scuba dive to make full use of the excellent photography opportunity. Caesar Manrique, an artist, and activist, has quite a name around the small island, and you could enjoy some of his top spots. Like Jardín de Cactus, a cactus garden, as well as Mirador del Río which is a viewing point that acts as a perfect epitome of nature.

5. More calming nature in Haria

The valley of 1000 palms is a well-known green spot on this island. And Haria is a Canarian village that flushes prosperously among the volcanic regions of the island. Other parts include the caves on this island, like Jameos Del Agua and Cueva de Los Verd or green caves. Going through it is like a small exploration on its own. The solidified lava that makes for the beautiful inner parts of the caves is spectacular to look at. Guided tours can be easily accessible with the help of locals or agencies.


Luxurious resorts, sightseeing by the El Golfo (the Green Lake), and shopping at the local Teguise markets are also other things you can do on your vacation to Lanzarote. The best way to enjoy your vacation is to take a cruise trip. Visit our official cruise booking sites and make your holiday planning an easy peezy job.

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