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Luxury Cruising: An Experience Like No Other

Here you will find all the information you need to know about luxury cruising.

By Cruise Booking Team

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The luxury cruise industry is like no other vacation experience in the world. Its service oriented. Luxury cruises are typically smaller ships that carry less than 1,000 people and provide more intimate service. It offers exquisite dining, six-star service, and smaller vessels to reach the destinations that larger ships can’t.

What Does Luxury Mean?

The meaning of luxury is different for all travelers. It may mean the highest-caliber gourmet food, sophisticated entertainment, the finest wines and spirits, and superb service. It allows you to do what your heart says without any rules, restrictions, or limitations of schedule activities, assigned sittings, and standardized menus.

Characteristics of Luxury Cruises

Despite their differences, luxury cruise lines share certain characteristics. Here are such factors for your reference:

Best Luxury Cruise Lines

Naturally, each cruise line has its own specifications. But before you choose any luxury cruising, we are highlighting a few luxury lines here:

1. Azamara Cruise Lines

Azamara has small and intimate cruises that travel worldwide, including cities like the South Pacific and Cuba. The cruise ships are noteworthy for visiting those small ports where large cruises can’t visit easily. Such ports are in Venice, Crete, and Amalfi.

2. Cunard Cruise Lines

Cunard is famous for its three luxury ships – the Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth, and Queen Victoria. The cruises have carried numerous notable guests to different destinations, including Norway and the Northern Lights, the Baltics, and the Canary Islands. Also well known for its trans-atlantic crossings from New York City to Southampton, England.

3. Oceania Cruise Lines

Oceania is one of the most luxurious cruise lines that feature itineraries, including trips to Australia, Africa, Europe, the Americas, and the South Pacific. It is an adult-only cruise line that can accommodate 684 to 1250 passengers on board its four ships and has a laid back luxury feel.

4. Ponant Cruise Lines

This cruise line sails to Europe and the Caribbean. On Ponant cruises, you can expect an exceptional, intimate experience aboard with all-inclusive yacht cruises to incredible inaccessible worldwide locations and remote ports of call.

5. Regent Seven Seas Cruise Lines

Regent Seven offers a whole new luxury segment with the most all-inclusive cruises, even including all shore excursions in the cruise fare. Generally, it sails towards Alaska, the Caribbean, and Europe.

6. Seabourn Cruise Line

Seabourn cruises are perfect for sailing Europe and the Caribbean. It features posh suite accommodations, divine dining options, and personalized service.

7. SeaDream Yacht Club

SeaDream Yacht Club cruises sail to the Caribbean islands. It caters to guests’ every wish as they sail to ports of call, where big voyages can’t sail. The cruise ambiance is refined and elegantly casual, with fine dining and socializing options with fellow passengers.

8. Silversea Cruise Lines

Silversea cruise line sails towards the Caribbean island, Europe, and Alaska region. Its ships are the most intimate ships with spacious suites, exclusive amenities, and unparalleled hospitality. The most beautiful thing about this cruise line is that butlers assigned to every suite add an extra level to pamper its luxury passengers.

Reasons to Choose To a Luxury Cruise

Is a luxury cruise worth paying a little more? You get what you pay for and usually receive award-winning culinary programs, exotic destinations, and unforgettable cruising experiences when it comes to luxury cruising.

1. Great Choice Of Itineraries

Cruises ships sails to all seven continents, including the great rivers of the world and the ocean ports. Also, most of the world's important cities are on a cruise itinerary and can be visited via pre-or post-cruise extensions. But as the luxury cruises are smaller, they tend to visit those ports that larger or mega-ships can’t manage.

2. Great Value

Compared to hotel stays, cruises are of great value. Here you can get almost everything included. If you select “all-inclusive” cruise lines such as Regent Seven Seas, Silversea, or Seabourn, they include everything right from food and drinks to gratuities and shore excursions.

3. With A Luxury Cruise There Are Fewer Decisions To Make

It means more relaxation from deciding where to stay, what to eat, how to get from one place to another, etc. The experts will make these important decisions once you opt for a luxury cruise itinerary and cruise ship. Thus, cruisers can sit back, have fun and relax.

4. You Only Have To Unpack Once

For some people, unpacking is a nightmare, but it can be a dream come true with luxury cruising. Imagine unpacking only once but visiting 7 different destinations. Or maybe you won’t even have to unpack at all because your private stateroom butler will do it for you on some cruise lines.

Things to consider when booking a luxury cruise

A luxury cruise can be a great way to spend a long, relaxing vacation, as long as you keep the below-mentioned things in mind at the time of booking.

1. Book early

Some people might think that last-minute deals are great, but for the best pricing and availability. Consider booking early. It’s important to remember that many of the luxury ships are smaller so they sell out quickly. Check pricing and availability at

2. Sign up for loyalty programs

Remember to sign up for loyalty programs offered by the cruise lines before you book your journey. It’s complimentary, and there is nothing wrong with getting and stacking free benefits on cruises. All cruises offer such loyalty programs to sign up all of them as there is no rule that one only join one cruise line loyalty program. It is the fastest way to grab complimentary gifts, food, Wi-Fi, services, top-priority reservations, and onboard discounts.

3. Look for repositioning cruises

When ships are repositioning for summers or winter, you can get some great deals. Some cruise lines offer such repositioning cruises when they’re going to or from Europe to or from Alaska. Such cruises are happening throughout or after September and in March/April each year. These itineraries usually offer many sea days so you have extra time to relax and disconnect.

Main Differences between Luxury & Mainstream Cruises

1. Spacious suites And Common Areas

Almost all luxury cruise lines offer all-suite staterooms. These suites are more spacious and feature ocean views and balconies with more fine furnishings, designer toiletries, and comfort.

2. Better Service: Before, During, And After The Cruise

Without any doubt, we can also say that the onboard service of luxury cruise lines is more extensive and excellent with personal touches that go beyond expectationsl. Some offer airport transfers and hotel stay pre-and post-cruise in luxury hotels.

3. Staff-To-Guest Ratio

Luxury cruises have enough staff ration with attentive service day or night. All luxury cruises have a mere 1-to-2 staff-to-guest ratio. On many luxury cruise lines, butlers anticipate customers'needs and handle requests without them even asking.

4. Exotic Itineraries

With luxury cruises, you can explore some of the world’s most beautiful and remote locations. Typically, luxury cruises are smaller ships and can visit the most isolated ports in every region – from exclusive Mediterranean islands to hidden Caribbean beaches or tough-to-reach Alaskan hideaways. Often luxury cruise lines offer planned overnight stays in more popular ports so that passengers can spend more time exploring the port.

5. Enrichment Over Entertainment

Cruises that cater to luxury or premium clients tend to attract a more mature and cosmopolitan crowd, who value immersive small-group courses over action-packed entertainment. That doesn’t mean there isn’t any entertainment on high-end cruises. The focus is not on the ship itself but connecting passengers, exploring each port's culture, cuisine, and camaraderie. Still, most luxury ships do offer full theatrical productions as it gets.

6. Fine Dining

Most luxury lines have their own preferred partner chefs who have culinary creations for the specialty restaurants on the small ships. For example, Seabourn has Michelin-star chef Thomas Keller.


Those who desire attentive service, gourmet cuisine, evening cocktail chats through a piano bar, and exotic ports of call not overrun by tourists, may find luxury cruising to be the best option for a memorable holiday. Start your vacation planning now at

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