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Danube River Cruise
Danube River Cruise

What Is River Cruising And Why You Should Consider One

This guide provides valuable information about river cruising.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Being in the travel industry, we understand how precious your holidays are. Well, not to worry – we’ve got you covered! Below you’ll find in-depth details about river cruising. This information will help you decide if river cruising is for you.

What is river cruising?

River cruising is much different that a traditional cruise. Instead of sailing in the wide open waters of the ocean they travel down narrow waterways like rivers and intracoastals. River cruising is a unique way of traveling and finding out the countries' hidden gem villages and ports. Ships sometimes stay overnight in a port of call giving you time to explore. People can opt for a river cruising for one week or longer. Generally, vessels carry 100 to 200 passengers at a time.

How to choose a cruise?

Reasons to river cruising

The two perfect words that describe river cruising is discovery and relaxation. Still, need a reason to consider river cruising, then read the below points.

Unpacking only once

You don’t need to pack and unpack your luggage every time you visit a new destination generally, river cruise ranges from three to twenty-one days.

Intimate and relaxing

Most of the river cruises offer a relaxing and intimate atmosphere with a maximum of 2000 passengers. They provide open dining with different cuisines to suit your needs. Unlike larger vessels you have more privacy and less people. Most of the social areas are more for relaxing. Many river cruises do not have casinos or large entertainment arenas. The world hustle and bustle doesn’t suit river cruising.

Vast choice of ships and itineraries

River cruises offer you vast regions to select from. Opting for a river cruise is a smart decision. It opens opportunities to explore the hidden villages and see the unseen culture and traditions. It covers the wide choice of the world’s rivers, with your favorite stateroom that suits your taste and budget. Explore destinations that you might have only heard of or seen online. The views and landscapes are jaw-dropping.

Luxury and floating boutique hotels

Many vessels offer luxury travel with floating boutique hotels. Major cruise lines offer this service and ensure that their guest feels more luxurious and comfortable. Each ship has a range of cabins, suites, and staterooms according to the type and budget, including full floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies. If you’re looking for this type of hospitality, then river cruising will exceed your expectations.

Onboard programs

Many vessels offer onboard programs, including lectures, cookery classes, and language classes. These enrichment programs help you get information about a particular place, village, port, city, or town and are designed according to the schedule of the places you were going to visit. They also provide knowledge about local people, places, culture, tradition, history, art, and music.

VIP Service

Just because the vessels are small, you won’t feel like just another guest on board. Concierge services ensure that all guests feel special. Planning is essential to make the most of your river cruise. But there are a few things that you can do to ensure that everything goes according to the plan.

Double-check the documents

Before you leave your home, check all your documents and ensure that you carry them in a proper pouch. Of all the planning tips, this one is an essential tip. Double-check your cruise ticket, flight tickets, hotel reservations, and transfer arrangements. Also, make sure you carry your proof of citizenship such as a passport of everyone who is traveling with you.

Research about the destination

Doing a little research about the destination will help you to explore that city or town. It can also enhance your on-the-ground experience. It will also give you a brief idea about the locals, culture, religion, traditions, and other relevant information. You can find detailed port information on

Get local currency

Not all ports, cities, or small towns have currency exchange shops. So, it is advisable that you grab some local currency that you can use for a smaller purchase. For example, when you visit European villages or ports, keep some euros handy for tipping guides or drivers.

Be flexible

Doing a little research about the destination will help you to explore that city or town. It can also enhance your on-the-ground experience. It will also give you a brief idea about the locals, culture, religion, traditions, and other relevant information. You can find detailed port information on There can be any delay on a river cruise. It can be due to fog or an unwanted rainstorm. So, try to be flexible as much as you can because nature’s call is unexpected.

Get insured

Consider travel insurance for you and your family. It will cover the loss of baggage and even a medical emergency. When booking your cruise, talk to your travel advisor about travel insurance.

Tips for enjoying the river cruise

With these tips, you can enjoy your river cruising experience and have an unforgettable vacation.

Bottom line

River cruising is on-trend and a spectacular way to travel. If you also want to share some more information about river cruising, do write comments in the comment section. We would love to hear your stories about river cruising.

Header Image by falco at Pixabay

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