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Family Enjoying in pool
Family Enjoying in pool

3 Best Cruise Lines for Babies and Toddlers

Check out these three cruise lines that are best for babies and toddlers.

By Cruise Booking Team

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If you have a baby or toddler and have considered a cruise vacation, this article is for you! There are several cruise lines that make traveling with baby or a toddler an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Here are the 3 best cruise lines for your baby and toddlers

1. Disney Cruise Line

Minimum age to sail: 6 months

‘It’s a small world nursery’ onboard is made for your baby or toddler and let’s you have some alone time knowing they are well cared for by trained staff. Playrooms offer infant swings, toddler-sized chairs and tables, assorted toys, books, arts and crafts for toddlers, and even a one-way viewing window for parents to see their kids enjoying their play time. Princess and Disney characters keep your child entertained while deck parties, family-friendly musical shows and movies ensure a great time on board. Designated water areas including ‘Nemo’s Reef’ is solely allotted for kids to relax by the pool and have a little swim in shallow waters. The splash zones offer older kids a really great time. Enjoy your stay in Disney Cruise Line’s spacious staterooms with your family!

2. Carnival Cruise Line

Minimum age to sail: 6 months

Carnival Cruise Line is famous for its fun activities designated just for babies and toddlers. Besides this, the attendants and the staff members take full responsibility of your baby to give you some time for on-board activities and fun adventures. Story telling activities, Play-Doh sculpture making sessions, family play time with toys, splash areas, spray parks, pools and water-play areas. The staterooms are generally spacious and some can accommodate five people. If you have a baby who needs a crib, you need to request one at the time of booking your cruise.

3. Royal Caribbean International Cruise Line

Minimum age to sail: 6 months

Welcome to Royal babies and Royal Tots nurseries onboard with Royal Caribbean International cruise line. Age-appropriate toys, books, music and videos, as well as cribs for napping are some of the things that keeps your child happy while on board. There are playgroups that parents can attend with their kids. The programs are broken down into two engaging groups. ‘Royal Babies’ (6 to 18 months) play with musical instruments, engage in baby gymnastics, learn about shapes and colors and even play with food-related toys. Royal Tots (18 to 36 months) can pretend to be pirates and princesses, sing songs, do art projects and play with dolls and toys. Baby splash zone is made for kids who are potty-trained! Shows, movies, parades and DreamWorks characters meet and greets are there to make your child have an amazing time.

Our 3 top picks for babies and toddlers makes cruising with the whole family an easy decision. Check rates and availability at

Frequently Asked Questions about Cruise Line for Babies and Toddlers

Cruise lines such as Carnival, Disney, Cunard, MSC and Royal Caribbean are best for toddlers.

There are five such cruise lines that allows toddlers to cruise for free – Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruises, Holland America, Norwegian cruise line, and Disney cruise.

Yes, of course they are! You can entertain your toddler on cruises of all ages with plenty of activities. Toddler Time is available in the ship's playroom for children under 3 years old, where they can interact with other kids their age and play with educational toys.

A baby has to be more than 6 months on the day of cruising.

Children between the ages of 4 and 11 are the target audience for Disney Cruise Line's ships, which are all well-suited for the brand's target audience.

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