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5 Important Tips to Keep in Mind When Cruising with Friends

Here are five tips for you when taking a cruise with friends.

By Cruise Booking Team

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The idea of going on a cruise with friends is thrilling and exciting. However, there needs to be meticulous planning to ensure everyone has fun on board and there is no scope for arguments. Here we have listed a few issues which you need to keep sorted when going on a cruise with friends so that togetherness during cruise only creates beautiful memories that last forever.

5 Tips to Take into Consideration When Cruising with Friends

1. Plan Early

Getting friends along on a cruise is no easy task. Everyone has schedules and taking a few weeks off from work is challenging for most people. To get everyone on board together requires convincing and thorough planning. Ideally, a cruise with friends should be planned a year in advance. This will help you negotiate a good deal for the trip and will ensure ample planning time for everyone in the group. To make things work smoothly, someone from the group should be appointed as the group leader or coordinator. He/she should be allowed to make decisions and keep everyone informed.

2. Strategize on Money Matters

When planning a cruise trip with friends things need to be planned carefully so that the fun element remains intact and there is no scope for heartache. Money matters need to be handled cautiously and in advance so that these do not cause any misunderstanding or awkwardness. As much as possible, settle the things in advance. Prepay for the meals, drinks, excursions, tour guides etc. Make sure everyone on board is okay with the expense. Also, you could make it clear that anything extra or extravagant will need to be paid by the individual so that there is no unnecessary burden on others in the group.

3. Plan for Some Fun Activities Together

To create beautiful memories and to ensure everyone has a fun time plan out activities that you all can enjoy as a team. Order matching T-shirts/ hats or anything else you can think of. This will not only help you click some interesting pictures but also help you spot each other across the deck. This is especially useful if you are cruising with a large group of friends. Also, plan some other fun activities, games, selfie sessions or any other on-board activity you all enjoy.

4. Keep Your Plan Ready to Stay Connect

Ships are huge and there are plenty of entertainment activities that will make you lose contact with friends. Keep your plan ready on how you would stay connected so no one is left waiting for others. One interesting idea is to use a whiteboard on your door, wherein you can write about your whereabouts and when you are expected to be back. You can also make use of app service provided by many cruise lines to stay connected. Having a strategy ready will help to make it easier to stay connected and enjoy all the fun without the nagging waits or miscommunications.

5. Ensuring Personal Space is Crucial

The feeling of being together with your buddies is so overwhelming. However, you need to take control of your emotions. Don't make the trip stifling for everyone. Being together all the time can become taxing. Make sure that while you get enough time to bond with friends, there should be a sufficient space for everyone in the group to enjoy solo walks or have a private time with their spouse/partner. Having some time apart also help to keep the relationship harmonious as any slight tussles or misunderstandings get washed away when people get some time away from the situation.

Keep the above tips in mind and ensure you and your friends are in agreement with the decisions made. Detailed planning and keeping everyone engaged are critical to ensuring a smooth cruise vacation with friends.

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