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The 10 Best Beaches in South America

Here we have shared the list of 10 stunning beaches in South America that you should visit with your family and friends.

By Cruise Booking Team

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There are many pristine palm-fringed beaches with crystal clear water in central and South America. From famous Beaches in Brazil to lesser-known freshwater lakes. Here are the top 10 beaches of South America for your next weekend escape.

10 Most Beautiful Beaches to Visit in South America

1. Carilo, Argentina

Carilo is famous as an upscale resort town beach and lies in the human-made forest of the Atlantic coast of Buenos Aires. Many beach activities are offered on the beach for all age groups. The dunes of Carilo beach is the central attraction point. The top tourist attraction spot is dune bashing. The entry was restricted for tourists for some years, but now it is accessible with high fare to preserve.

2. Lopes Mendes, Ilha Grande, Brazil

One of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil is Lopes Mendes in Ilha Grande. The water is crystal clear and green in color with a white-sand shoreline. This beach has a reputation as the most pristine, dramatic, and massive sandy haven with white sand. It is a perfect place for tranquil, swimming, and surfing activities. Here there is an ancient Chapel where you can explore some old traditions. Moreover, there are shallow regions for kids to swim and play.

3. Renaca Beach, Vina del Mar, Chile

Beaches in Vina del Mar are the most popular in the country. Renaca beach is one of them, which is a stretch of 0.8 miles. You can spend your whole day at the beach and enjoy water activities and sunbathing. Even some stalls sell handicraft items, local cuisine, and shellfish empanadas. Moreover, don't forget to watch the multicolored sunset from your lounge chair in the evening.

4. Playa Almejal, Colombia

Playa Almejal is an isolated beach in the National Park of Colombia. This beach is excellent for relaxing, surfing, swimming, and fantastic wildlife creatures and a turtle conservation project. Visiting Almejal means traveling to the wild landscape of the coast. The beach is around 1.2 miles long and is a perfect place for surfing.

5. Playa Los Frailes, Ecuador

A stunning beach in Ecuador's Machililla National Park is often considered one of Ecuador's best beaches. Giant dramatic cliffs, white sand beaches, and blue water is a real attraction. It is a small island of just 8 square kilometers with beautiful rock formations, crystal clear waters, and an impressive landscape. The beach and sky seem perfectly blend in a shade of blue. You can also go hiking and other water sports.

6. Mancora, Peru

Mancora is a seaside town and beach resort that claims the most prominent surfing, ceviche, and sun-drenched skies spot in Peru. It is in the Piura region in northwestern Peru. With white sand and turquoise water, the beach is a pleasure to visit throughout the year. Mancora is considered one of the best spots for surfing, kitesurfing, and nightlife. Many surfers and rowdy tourists opt for a horseback ride, mud baths, and other such activities.

7. Playa Brava, Punta Del Este, Uruguay

Take a tour to Playa Brava, a relaxing beach in the Punta Del Este region of Uruguay. It is an expansive shoreline with useful sections of packed and firm sand. The beach's stretch is nearly 5km from the northeastern end of the isthmus in El Placer to the southwestern end of Los Dedos. Consider adding Playa Brava to your bucket list of visiting South America.

8. Punta Hermosa, Lima, Peru

Punta Hermosa is Lima's capital city, featuring small coves with a rocky and sandy beach with crystal clear water ideal for all types of water sports. This beach is considered Peru's best big-wave shrine. The coastline is filled with world-class waves, from small ripples to giant waves. Moreover, it holds the most prestigious surfing events and big wave surf contests.

9. Mar Del Plata, Argentina

A beach resort town on Argentina's Atlantic coast is around 5 miles and a prominent tourist spot. People from around world visit this place when they visit Argentina. It is also famous as a major fishing port in Buenos Aires Province. This Atlantic coastline hosts the top level of activities on the seaside. Moreover, a cove is peaceful and offers more relaxation, including watersports activities such as water surfing and sailing.

10. Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Santa Teresa in Costa Rica is a bohemian beach that attracts surfers and yogis. The beach is a long stretch of white sand where you can relax and turquoise blue water to swim. The waves are consistent and perfect for people who want to learn to surf. Horseback riding is one of the beloved doings on the beach. Moreover, it has a breathtaking sunset because the sun sets directly over the ocean.


From mountains to beaches to high cliffs and turquoise water, passing through the favelas. Fall in love with these beaches of South America. Make sure you consider them to your travel list.

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