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10 Tips for Cell Phone Usage on a Cruise Ship

You should remember these essential things when using your cell phone on a cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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While most travel blogs suggest putting aside your cell phones and indulging in an immersive experience on your cruise vacation, they are unavoidable in this electronic age. Everyone is in the tussle of showing off their vacation pizzazz and posting glamorous Instagram-worthy photos. Besides, a smartphone functions as the ultimate source of entertainment with HD screens and premium audio quality.

Gone are those days when the cruisers were entirely disconnected from the world during their voyage in the seas. Cruisers will need to enquire about the network and internet and check with the cruise line for the packages and charges beforehand.

Following are a few important things you have to keep in mind to use your cell phone on a cruise:

10 Important Tips for Using Your Cell Phone On a Cruise Ship

1. Get an International Plan

While most smartphones are usable all over the world, not all do. Check with your carrier to see if you can use your smartphone overseas. Visit the website of your carrier to verify the information and avail the international package according to your estimated usage. Make sure to avail coverage of the country of your cruise destination. Weigh out the internet and phone call options according to your requirements on the ship.

2. Download the Apps Beforehand

Realize that you have limited data on the cruise. If you are in the middle of the ocean, downloading applications, games, and upgrading your system is not an option. Despite the internet setup, there could be certain glitches. Slow internet and spotty network in certain areas is a common occurrence.

3. Toggle the Settings

You will incur a lot of unwanted charges if you do not set your phone for the cruise package. Change the settings in your phone to activate the network package of the ship. Switch to airplane mode to avoid the continuous flooding of messages that will use up more data. Open your browser to log in and connect to Wi-Fi onboard. Also make sure to log off when you aren’t using it. You might have to log in and log out every time to get on and off the ship.

4. Use Wi-Fi For Voice Calls

Wi-Fi calling is generally not allowed due to the heavy data usage. But some cruise lines allow Skype calls if you have purchased a premium internet package. Calling packages cost way more than Wi-Fi packages. You could use an internet package to your benefit and save up on the phone call bills Utilize your Wi-Fi to the fullest to evade the extra charges you may incur due to phone calls.

5. Hunt for Wi-Fi At the Port

If you don’t feel like shelling out money for international internet packages, hunt for on-shore Wi-Fi everywhere you go. You can save on a few bucks and stay in touch with your family and have unlimited access to social media. You will find hundreds of Wi-Fi hotspots at all the ports. Check your mail, browse your favourite excursion or catch up on the news in your country.

6. Find Alternatives to Reach Out

You have to be prepared for emergencies at all times. Memorize all the emergency numbers or carry a chit of the important numbers at all times. That way, you can contact your beloved in case of a delay, layoff or an emergency. Use your fellow cruiser’s phone to get in touch with the cruise operators in case of any trouble.

7. Know Your Package Limitations

Make sure you understand the details of your roaming plan to avoid over usage. Do your homework and be conscious of the calling and internet limitations of your plan. Assess the cities you can switch off your airplane mode in and stay within your limitations. Unreasonably exorbitant prices will be charged if you exceed your plan limit.

8. Use Your Personal Data Wisely

Remember that you will be sharing the same Wi-Fi network with a number of people on the ship. People who know a thing or two about computers can have access to your personal details if you make digital transactions. Avoid entering your personal information like bank account numbers, work email logins, or credit card details. Be vigilant about your personal data and identity.

9. Check the Packages with Your Service Provider

Apart from checking in with the cruise line, get in touch with your service provider to check out their offers. Major wireless providers have reasonable cruise roaming rates. Sign up for a suitable plan before you depart for your vacation. Avail data, messaging and calling plans that are similar to the normal packages.

10. Set Boundaries to Your Expectations

Cruise ship internet will yield different results depending on the time of the day and the number of users. It also depends on the water territory the ship is cruising through. Expect spotty network in certain areas. Cruise ships directly rely on satellites for internet. Anticipate some congestion during peak hours of usage.

The above pointers will help you use your cell phone on a cruise ship in the right way.

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