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15 Things You Are Doing Wrong As a First-Time Cruiser

With these common cruising mistakes, newbies can avoid the pitfalls once you get onboard. With a bit of guidance, you can avoid them. Knowing the do's and don'ts onboard will always pay you.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A cruising experience can be a lifetime memory if you know what you are doing. But even seasonal cruisers get ripped off by the cruise lines. So, if you are not careful when you plan your first cruise, you'll likely make at least a few newbies mistakes. And unfortunately, your vacation can get spoiled. So, don't make these worst mistakes when you start your journey.

15 Common Cruising Mistakes to Avoid For Newbies

1. Thinking all cruise-lines are the same

There is a reason why each cruise line has different costs per night or person. The reasoning goes with the saying, "You get what you pay for." Don't expect that low price means you will get all modern amenities or special treatment. So, make sure you don't expect much. Because when you predict right, you are more likely to enjoy the real cruising.

2. Choosing the wrong cruise line

When you choose the wrong cruise line, it could put a damper on your vacation plans. So, first, ask yourself about what type of vacation you want and then do the research. There are always two sides to cruise ships, good and evil, fun and boring, and dirty and clean. Search cruise line properly because you are going on your vacation with all ages and generations. There are options to move out when you take a land vacation, but you don't have an escape plan when you're on the cruise. So, choose your cruise wisely.

3. Booking wrong flights

Avoid booking flights on the embarkation day. Cruisers should fly in at least one day before your cruise leaves. Sometimes, the flights also get delays due to weather and breakdowns. Getting to your departure location a day early will give you ample time to adjust to any travel delays.

4. Skipping the embarkation day activities

Don't skip the embarkation activities such as muster drills. If you're ignoring or neglecting it, you are a person with no-brain. Avoiding the embarkation day activities can sometimes cost your life. So, consider going there and see what is there for you.

5. Trying to do each activity on the cruise

Cruising takes you to significant places and takes hold of numerous spots. And you try to do most of the activities and visit each port. But that is the biggest mistake you're making as a newbie. When you opt for cruising, you don't have that much time to do everything. Ensure that you do things that make you feel refreshed and excite you, not trying each and everything mentioned in the brochure.

6. Thinking port stops are a guarantee

Stopping is not guaranteed on all ports. Sometimes, cruise lines have to change their visit due to weather or other reasons. Generally, this is true when tendering is involved. For example, suppose you plan to marry in Jamaica and consider taking a cruise during hurricane season. In that case, there are fewer chances that your cruise will stop there.

7. Avoiding reservations for specialty restaurants

Imagine that you want to dine at one of the onboard specialty restaurants. In that case, you need to make reservations well in advance on the embarkation day. The demand for this type of restaurant increases as the cruise ends. For example, steakhouses usually are full. There are chances that you can opt for walk-in, and you got the table, but a max of the time, you need to reserve your space.

8. Not bringing important documents and Ids

There are some ports where IDs are compulsory. You need to show them valid IDs along with your cruise cards to re-board the cruise. When you go out for a shore excursion in another country, be sure to carry your ID proofs and other important documents.

9. Overpacking/Underpacking

You can't take your entire closet with you on your vacation. Pack only those things that you require. While taking the clothes, check the dress codes for the restaurants and formal dining nights. Don't skimp on the necessities, however. Instead of thinking that your cruise line will provide you with toiletries, carry your own. Moreover, don't forget your passport and other ID proofs with you. You can also read this top cruise packing idea for your first-time cruising.

10. Avoiding the main dining room

Don't go to a buffet every night for dinner because you miss out on the opportunity to get better food and other food experiences. Cruising experts say that "The main dining areas always serves several food options ahead of the buffet." You have to make sure you show up on time, or your tablemates will be stuck while waiting for you.

11. Not getting your travel insurance

The most common things that push you to purchase travel insurance are seasickness, schedule change, and flight booking. You can consult about the travel insurance with your agent when you pay for the cruise booking. They have an idea about what type of travel insurance will protect you while cruising. Even some cruise lines offer you insurance, and you can buy directly from them.

12. Not considering the weather

If you book a cruise tour off-season, it can be a bit of a cruising faux pas. For example, suppose you're planning a cruising tour to the Caribbean Sea during hurricane season. In that case, you might get great deals, but there are chances of getting itinerary changes or weather delays due to storms. The same goes with the Alaskan tour or Mexican Riviera. You need to be aware that there are chances to be optimal and not optimal cruising seasons during that time. Whenever you doubt cruising off-season, consider talking with your travel agent to help you select the cruise line.

13. Staying connected to Wi-Fi the whole time

An awful mistake you can make is purchasing those $$$ Wi-Fi packages and paying steep hourly rates. The price of Wi-Fi can be exorbitant when you check into a hotel or onto a plane, but on a cruise, it is a waste of money. The internet access onboard will likely move at glacial speeds. Whether you're doing a simple google search or uploading an image on your social network, it will make you frustrated. Moreover, you can take it as an opportunity to unplug yourself from the social world. You can share your pictures later once you get off the cruise.

14. Thinking cruises are all-inclusive

Agree that cruises are technically cashless, and that thing makes it easy to get a little spendy on a cruise. Thus, it's essential to know what facilities and amenities are included with your cruise fare and which things are costing you extra onboard. Ensure that you check the receipts whether the tip is included or not. You can even consider going to the help desk to know more about the amenities included and excluded during your cruising itinerary.

15. Skipping the disembarkation talk

It feels a bit depressing when you have to get off the ship. But make sure you don't miss your disembarkation talk, or the material has been sent to your stateroom. Skipping this last step often leads the newbies to confusion and frustration.

Let's go cruising…

Whether you're sailing for the first time or the 50th, it's always important to know the best cruise tips for first timers to learn for your next trip. But after reading this article, hope you will not make these 15 typical newbies mistakes on your first cruise.

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