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5 Steps to Plan Your Next Family Reunion at Sea

A cruise vacation with your family could be the most memorable vacation of your life. Here's how to plan a family reunion on a cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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We know planning a family reunion is not the same as planning an ordinary vacation. Whether this is your first cruise or first family reunion, Let us help you plan the prefect getaway.

5 Steps for a Successful Family Reunion Cruise

Step 1: Decide your budget

You can find the perfect cruise no matter your budget. Remember, most cruises typically include all food, entertainment, and some activities. Generally, the busiest months for a cruise vacation are June, July, and August. Even the price can be higher due to high demand. It’s important to plan early to get the best price and availability. Especially when booking many cabins.

Step 2: Start planning in advance

Experienced planners have suggested that early planning can be from at least 12-18 months prior to sailing. As many members might need time to save money and make special arrangements for extended leave from work. Whatever the condition is, leave yourself enough time to ensure that the arrangements are suitable and accommodate everyone. Also it is well known that the earlier you book the better pricing and cabin choices are available.

Step 3: Please select a date

Give your family members two-three dates to select from Select a date or week, or month that suits everyone in your family. Knowing when everyone is available to travel makes searching for the best cruise options easier.

Step 4: Communicate early

When you communicate your plan early, your family members have plenty of time to prepare. Consider creating a newsletter. It is an excellent way to keep the family up-to-date on the planning process. It will also encourage your family members to submit their ideas for activities, destinations, and more.

Step 5: Consider activities for everyone

There is something for everyone on a cruise. No matter your age or activity level, everyone will find something to do onboard. Rock climbing, Bingo, wine tasting or just lounging by the pool. Children programs are available on most ships so the adults can have some alone time. Do everything or nothing at all. Be sure to consider an itinerary that suits everyone and offers a wide variety of activities to do.

Why choose a cruise for your next family reunion?

A cruise is a hassle-free vacation with a tremendous value. Once you get onboard, it’s like staying in a floating hotel. The all-inclusive price of a cruise vacation includes things like 24-hour room service, onboard activities, meals, accommodations, and top entertainment. Sometimes groups receive unique amenities and extra discounts, so be sure to plan early.

Some family-friendly cruise lines

To book your family reunion cruise, it is wise to start preparing 12-18 months prior. It will give you enough time to make all the arrangements. It also gives you the best choices for staterooms and pricing.

Final plans

Following the above plans will help you to organize and plan a great family reunion cruise. Don’t be surprised if your family members ask you to arrange the all the future family vacations. Create memories that will last a lifetime on a family cruise.

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