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Best Things to Eat in Victoria, B.C

Victoria will surprise you with its culinary scene. Check out the 5 best different items you should try in Victoria, B.C.

By Cruise Booking Team

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No trip to British Columbia is complete without stopping in its capital- Victoria. Between all the adventures and exploring the city, you also need to taste some of the best foods there. It is an exciting and vibrant place to visit. Victoria is filled with beautiful gardens, historic charm, stunning scenery, and sights. With a wealth of renowned chefs, striking landscapes, international cuisines, and fresh seafood, it can be difficult to choose what to eat in Victoria. Here are the 5 best things to eat in Victoria, B.C.

Best things to eat in Victoria, B.C.

There are so many delicious cuisines, so figuring out what to eat becomes a difficult decision. Here are 5 top things you should try.

Dungeness crab

These crabs are full of juicy meat and served in different ways in restaurants. Winter is the ideal season for this crab on the West Coast, but you can have this any time if you are in Victoria. From steamed Dungeness crab and crab salad to tacos, you can have it all using this mouth-watering ingredient.

Wild Pacific salmon

Often food in British Columbia means fresh seafood. Wild Sockeye salmon is one of Victoria's signature foods that everyone loves. Whether it is served baked, broiled, smoked, or grilled on a cedar plank, you need to try this flavorful fish when you are in Victoria.

Okanagan fruit

Once you taste this fresh, summery fruit salad, you are going to love it. The fruit salad is decorated with apple juice, honey, Canadian bocconcini, and tarragon. Discover its unique flavors.

Butter chicken Pizza

Butter chicken is a delicious Indian dish, while we all love pizza. Have you ever thought of combining these two? Many restaurants are adding this tantalizing dish to the menu, and it has also become the best food in Victoria among the tourists and local people. It consists of butter chicken sauce, garlic, yogurt, and other spices and is topped with chicken breast pieces, spinach, cherry tomatoes, and red onion. This dish is full of flavors, and you cannot miss it if you are in Victoria.

Nanaimo Bars

It is not a brownie, cookie, or a pie; this bar comprises a mix of all. The history of Nanaimo Bar originates from the Nanaimo city in Vancouver; its first recipe was published in 1953. If you are visiting the city and don't know what to eat in Victoria, this should be on your list. It requires no baking and has become a favorite dessert due to its undeniable sweetness. This triple-layered square has creamy custard in the middle, chocolate graham cracker coconut in the base, and chocolate ganache on top.

Top Attractions and Things to Do in Victoria, B.C

Victoria falls under the highlights of Vancouver Island. Ferries available there, aid in a seamless trip from Vancouver, along with flights, making it a convenient getaway destination. Here's a list of Victoria’s top tourist attractions.

  1. Taking a walk on the Inner Harbor
  2. Royal BC Museum
  3. Butchart Gardens
  4. Fairmont Empress Hotel
  5. Parliament Buildings
  6. Shop or Dine at Market Square
  7. Wander through Cook Street Village
  8. Beacon Hill Park
  9. Craigdarroch Castle
  10. Hiking Trails and Scenic Areas
  11. Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site
  12. Hatley Park National Historic Site
  13. Victoria Butterfly Gardens
  14. Victoria Bug Zoo
  15. Chinatown and Fan Tan Alley
  16. Maritime Museum of British Columbia

Victoria is the home to an amazing culinary scene that appeals to all types of taste buds and appetites. If you are looking for something quick, the city is also home to a generous selection of food trucks. If you are a sushi lover, try Chiba Sushi. They have modern and traditional varieties of sushi. Bon Apetit!

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