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How to get Military Discounts on Carnival Cruises?

Join Carnival's military discounts for an unforgettable adventure. How to book and find out if you are eligible.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Carnival cruise line is one of the top choices for all-budget-friendly people, even for those people who are traveling with their families. It has 24 ships in its fleet, which takes you to various destinations across the globe, including famous destinations such as the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Mexico, Alaska, Europe, and many more. However, it offers several different discounts and has reduced its rates. One of the most popular discounts is the Military Discount, which is offered to active-duty and retired service members with proof of service. It also hosts military appreciation gatherings for military families of service members.

Once you book your itinerary with Carnival, you need to submit your eligibility documents prior to sailing. If you fail to give the proof, you won’t get any discounts. You can upload the documents and mail them directly to the Carnival Website.

What Documents Are Required for Getting a Carnival Cruise Military Discount?

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Carnival Cruise Line offers military and veteran discounts to active-duty or retired service members from the United States Military and Canadian National Defense. Here is a list of documents, both required.

Who Is Eligible for a Carnival Military Discount?

The carnival military discount is only valid for active and retired Military from US and Canadian National Defense members.

How Much Discount Does Carnival Give to Military People?

Carnival cruise lines reduced their rates for military people. The discount is not a set amount per trip, nor is it an across-the-board offer. However, you can use your military service number and other documents. With their military discount, you can save some money and take that discount as a token of our appreciation.

What Can You Expect Onboard Carnival Cruise Ships?

As a military person, you can experience a small military appreciation day onboard, go and have your drinks at Heroes Tribute Bar & Lounge, free cruise sweepstakes, fun points, and some tour guides as well.

How to Book a Carnival Military Discount Cruise?

Carnival Cruise Lines offers military discounts on selected sailings, and to grab their offers, you can book with us at After booking with us, you can submit your eligible documents. Nearly all mainstream cruise lines, along with Carnival Cruise Line, offer you military discounts. Please check out our military cruise deals section offered by all mainstream cruise lines in the cruise industry.

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