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WIFI on Carnival Cruise
WIFI on Carnival Cruise

What Is Included on a Viking Ocean Cruise?

Want a list of things on what’s included on Viking Cruises? Read on to find out all about the things included and those that are not included on Viking Cruises.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Viking River Cruises has recently launched Viking Ocean Cruises, which promises to provide the combined thrills of river and ocean cruising. It will take you to explore alluring destinations and cultures and allow you to get a Nordic perspective on things from the extreme comfort of the Viking Ocean Cruises.

If you are considering a Viking Ocean Cruise for your next trip to your favorite location, you should take note of the facilities included. This blog is to answer all your questions regarding what’s included on Viking Cruises.

List of Things Included and Not Included on Viking Ocean Cruises

Following is a list of things that are included as well as excluded on Viking Ocean Cruises:

Included as well as Not Included on Viking Ocean Cruises
Amenities Availability
WiFi Included
Drinks Included with breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Shore Excursions Included (1 per port of call)
Coffee and Tea Included
Bottled Water Included
Minibar Included
Room Service Included
Alternative Restaurants Included
Laundry Included
Spa Access Included (spa and thermal)
Enrichment Lectures Included
Destinations Performances Included
Ground Transfers Included if booked from the UK
Port Taxes and Fees Included
Gratuities Not Included
Premium Alcohol Not Included
Spa Treatment Not Included
Additional Shore Excursions Not Included

Is Wi-Fi Included on Viking Cruises?

While enquiring about what’s included on Viking Cruises, obviously, the first thing that will come to mind is the free Wi-Fi. It is completely free, ensuring that you can stream music or share videos without having to spend extra. The internet speed is optimum, and that’s why you can use it on as many devices as you want.

To use the Wi-Fi, you need to log in with your room number and your surname. Viking Ocean Cruise line has not set any limit to the Wi-Fi use, however, they can cut you off the connection if they see you downloading some heavy files like movies or series. So, make sure to judiciously use the facilities available.

Are Drinks Included on Viking Cruises?

The answer has to be yes on the list of what’s included on Viking Cruises. If you compare it to most contemporary cruise lines, you will find Viking Ocean Cruise Deals offers more inclusive drink options.

Right now, we are not talking about drinks like water, coffee, or tea. On this ship, you can expect soft drinks, wine, and beer to be included at lunch and dinner. Guests can also avail of this facility not only in the main restaurant but also in the poolside or the buffet. You can even add a drink when you are ordering room service for lunch.

However, if you want premium spirits or cocktails, you would have to separately buy a beverage package.

Are Complimentary Shore Excursions Included on Viking Cruises?

Complimentary shore excursions are one of the unique features of this ocean cruise line. Viking Cruises has included one complimentary shore excursion at every port of call, and that is amazing, considering how expensive excursions can be. The way Vikings conduct an excursion is also very satisfying from a tourist's point of view.

These free tours are generally bus tours or walking tours that explore the culture and the history of the port. It usually takes half a day to complete a tour, so if you prefer getting off the ship and doing your own excursion, there is plenty of time.

You should note that the excursions are free, but to secure your spot, you must make reservations. Additionally, you can also purchase other shore excursions that Viking Cruises offers for a price.

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Are Coffee and Tea Included on Viking Cruises?

Coffee and tea are free anywhere you go on the ship. It is, after all, two of the items that must stay on the list of amenities available on Viking Cruises. According to guests who have been on this cruise trip before, the coffee is especially good.

In the stateroom, there is a coffee machine that comes with coffee pods. You can find that only on a few cruise lines. When you are at the buffet, you can use the takeaway cups to make a cup of tea or coffee and wander off with it to your next adventure.

Are Bottled Water Included on Viking Cruises?

You do not have to buy bottled water or purchase it as a package, either. Be it in your cabin or anywhere around the ship, you can get bottled water for free. Having bottled water at every convenient place on the ship is very beneficial as you can drink water whenever you feel like it. You can also grab a bottle just before getting off the ship for a shore excursion.

Is Minibar Included on Viking Cruises?

Minibar is included on Viking Ocean Cruises. Most people do not consider eating or drinking anything from their cruise ship minibar as they consider it as a fridge. How often they fill your minibar depends on the grade of a cabin. If you opt for a standard balcony cabin, they would only fill it at the start of the journey. However, for other categories, minibars are filled shortly after guests eat or drink something from them.

Are Room Services Included on Viking Cruises?

Room services are available 24/7 at no additional cost. This may come as a surprise to you as many cruise lines currently charge for room service (especially with as big a menu as the Viking Ocean Cruises 2023).

They offer an extensive room service menu from which you can choose whether you feel like enjoying breakfast from your balcony table or having a private dinner with your loved one. For example, to order breakfast, you have to fill out a simple form and leave that at your door before 11 pm and breakfast will arrive on time.

Are Alternative Restaurants Included on Viking Cruises?

It is astonishing what Viking Cruise ships have in store for you in terms of food. They have no restaurants where you have to pay any extra money. There are several alternative restaurants, which means restaurants other than their main dining area that would easily fall in the specialty category on many other cruise lines. You can expect an upscale sit-down meal at alternative restaurants with options beyond the main dining room at no extra charge.

Are Self-service launderettes Included on Viking Cruises?

If you are looking for a laundry to clean your clothes you will get it for free during your Viking Ocean voyages. They offer self-service launderettes so that you can keep your packing light during the Viking Ocean Cruise itineraries that tend to be longer than the usual 7-day trips.  At the laundry, you will get detergent and iron for free too. It is really convenient when you do not have to carry an iron to wear any dress that looks best if it is wrinkle-free.

Disclaimer: You cannot bring your own iron or steamer onboard the ship.

Is Spa Access Included on Viking Cruises?

On the Viking Ocean ships, you can access spa and thermal suites for free. Only the spa treatments will cost extra money. You can expect all the usual things that a spa has to offer, such as pools and saunas. On Viking Cruises, you will get the water bucket and snow grotto too. From booking services like massages, and facials, to utilizing the snowy experience at the snow grotto, you can have a 360-degree spa experience. With “My Viking Journey's” online portal, you can also book spa experiences online before onboarding the ship.

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Are Enrichment Lectures and Destination Performances Included on Viking Cruises?

The enrichment lectures and destination performances are part of Viking Cruise packages. These features make the Viking Ocean Cruise experience one of the most unique and elevating ones.

With carefully selected brand partnerships, Viking Cultural Curriculum does amazing work of bringing the local history and culture to life. Be it their faculty of historians, TED talks, destination insights, port talks, or destination performances, they are bound to overwhelm you with a masterful presentation perfect for complementing your unique experience ashore.

Are Ground Transfers Included on Viking Cruises?

If you book a Viking Cruise return flight from the United Kingdom, it will be included. In other words, it works well if you are from the UK. You do not have to worry about the ground transfers as all transfers are on the list of what’s included on Viking Cruises.

Along with this, the Viking Ocean Cruise packages include port taxes and fees too.

What is Not Included on a Viking Ocean Cruise?

Though there is not much that is excluded in the main package, here is the list of things that are not included on a Viking Ocean Cruise:

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Now that you know all about what's included on Viking cruises and what’s not, it will be easier for you to plan your trip with Viking Ocean Cruises. If you have fixed your mind on going on a journey with the Viking, you can directly book a cruise with without having to pay massive additional charges. Also, you can get various offers and discounts, helping you save more on your cruising expedition.

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