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What Is Included on a Viking Ocean Cruise?

Want a list of things on what’s included on Viking Cruises? Read on to find out all about the things included and those that are not included on Viking Cruises.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Viking River Cruises has recently diversified with Viking Ocean Cruises, which offers a similar experience as river cruises but on oceans. This new endeavor is not only to discover fascinating places and people but also to do so with a fresh Scandinavian view from the luxurious comfort of Viking Ocean Cruises. In this article, we will discuss what is included in the Viking Ocean Cruise package to help you plan your next trip. This article provides all the information you need to know about Viking Ocean Cruises and what it offers.

List of Things Included and Not Included on Viking Ocean Cruises

Following is a list of things that are included as well as excluded on Viking Ocean Cruises:

Included as well as Not Included on Viking Ocean Cruises
Amenities Availability
WiFi Included
Drinks Included with breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Shore Excursions Included (1 per port of call)
Coffee and Tea Included
Bottled Water Included
Minibar Included
Room Service Included
Alternative Restaurants Included
Laundry Included
Spa Access Included (spa and thermal)
Enrichment Lectures Included
Destinations Performances Included
Port Taxes and Fees Included
Gratuities Not Included
Premium Alcohol Not Included
Spa Treatment Not Included
Additional Shore Excursions Not Included

Is Wi-Fi Included on Viking Cruises?

Among the services that passengers often enquire about is free internet. However, one thing that is free on Viking Ocean Cruises is Wi-Fi. There are no additional charges for streaming music, sharing videos, and connecting with friends and family. The internet speed is quite fast and can be used on multiple devices without any issues.

Are Drinks Included on Viking Cruises?

Viking Ocean Cruises has the unique advantage of having inclusive drink packages. Wine and beer are offered with lunch and dinner, and soft drinks are served in the main restaurant, poolside, or buffet. If you do not want to leave the comfort of your hotel room, you can even order these beverages from room service. For premium spirits cocktails, you would need to purchase a separate beverage package.

Are Complimentary Shore Excursions Included on Viking Cruises?

The most notable aspect of Viking Ocean Cruises is that guests are offered one free shore excursion per port of call. These are usually conducted on buses or foot and focus on the cultural and historical aspects of the place. Although these tours are free, they need to be booked in advance to secure a place. Other shore excursions can be purchased separately.

Are Coffee and Tea Included on Viking Cruises?

Both coffee and tea are available at any time on the ship, and there is no restriction on how often one can get them. Coffee machines and coffee pods are provided in each stateroom, which is not a standard offering in most cruise lines. When in the buffet or any other café on board, you can take your beverage in a takeaway cup and have it while walking around the ship.

Are Bottled Water Included on Viking Cruises?

Another free service provided is bottled water. You can get bottled water in your cabin and other places on the ship to make sure you are well-hydrated all through the trip. It is useful for a quick drink before going on a shore excursion or any other activity that requires leaving the ship for a while.

Is Minibar Included on Viking Cruises?

The minibar in your cabin is complimentary and restocked daily, depending on the category of your cabin. In standard balcony cabins, it is stocked at the beginning of the cruise, while in premium cabins, it is restocked more often.

Are Room Services Included on Viking Cruises?

Room services are available 24/7 at no additional cost. This may come as a surprise to you as many cruise lines currently charge for room service (especially with as big a menu as the Viking Ocean Cruises 2023). They offer an extensive room service menu from which you can choose whether you feel like enjoying breakfast from your balcony table or having a private dinner with your loved one. For example, to order breakfast, you have to fill out a simple form and leave it at your door before 11 pm so that breakfast will arrive on time.

Are Alternative Restaurants Included on Viking Cruises?

Viking Ocean Cruises has several optional restaurants, and all are available at no extra charge to the passengers. These dining options offer more than the main dining room, which is more formal and fine dining. Unlike many other cruise lines, there are no extra charges for dining in these specialty restaurants.

Are Self-service launderettes Included on Viking Cruises?

There are free self-service launderettes for travelers, and this is especially useful for longer journeys. Laundry and ironing services are also offered free of charge, so you do not have to carry many clothes and can have them washed and ironed to your preference during the journey.

Disclaimer: You cannot bring your iron or steamer onboard the ship.

Is Spa Access Included on Viking Cruises?

Spa and thermal suites are available for guests, including pools, saunas, water buckets, and snow grottos. Although most spas allow visitors to access the facility for free, services such as massages and facial treatments attract extra charges. These treatments can be arranged in advance through the “My Viking Journey” online platform before joining the ship.

Are Enrichment Lectures and Destination Performances Included on Viking Cruises?

Viking Ocean Cruises has a policy of providing guests with enrichment lectures and destination performances. These include history from historians, TED talks, destination information, and cultural shows and dances, which give you a better perspective of the places you are visiting.

Are Ground Transfers Included on Viking Cruises?

Transfers are provided if you have booked a return flight with Viking Cruises, especially for UK passengers. This inclusion makes it easier to travel and also guarantees a seamless transfer from the airport to the ship.

What is Not Included on a Viking Ocean Cruise?

While Viking Ocean Cruises is quite inclusive, there are a few things not covered in the standard package:


Viking Ocean Cruises provides a list of complimentary amenities that includes Wi-Fi, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, excursions, and a spa, which makes the cruise even more enjoyable. Knowing what is included and what is not can help one plan for the trip and enjoy all the luxurious facilities of Viking Ocean Cruises. Whether you are visiting ancient cities, tasting exquisite cuisine, or enjoying a spa treatment, Viking guarantees an unforgettable and comfortable trip.

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