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Things to Do onboard Carnival Legend

Have you planned your next cruise? After reading this will you want to book your next vacation onboard the Carnival Legend.

By Cruise Booking Team

Book Carnival Legend Cruise

Carnival Legend was launched in 2002, and the ship justifies its title. It is a family-friendly cruise ship because of the variety it provides in terms of entertainment. The ship is 963 feet long and can hold 900 crew members and 2100 guests. There are 12 decks on the ship, and every deck is packed with amazing things to do onboard Carnival Legend.

There is something for every age group, from adults-only spaces to amazing dining venues to stellar fitness centers- this cruise ship is a dream come true for your whole family.

If you are someone who is boarding the ship for the first time, we are listing out the ultimate things to do on the Carnival Legend.

Amazing Things to do onboard Carnival Legend

No matter what kind of vacation you are planning, whether a newlywed couple looking for the perfect honeymoon spot or one with family looking for a kid-friendly vacation, the Carnival Legend can keep all passengers onboard engaged.

Something is happening every day in every corner of the ship. To be very precise, 45 activities are carried out every day while you sail. Seeing this number, it won't be a lie to say that Carnival Legend has something to offer everyone on board. Below are some of the must-try things to do on Carnival Legend.

1. Lido Marketplace

You will find the Lido Marketplace on the Lido deck, featuring food court-style dining options. This area has two buffet corners running throughout the day for its travelers. Breakfast service starts at 6:30 am, where you get pastries, cereals, and fruit. However, if you want to have a full-fledged breakfast, then the omelet station is your way to go which opens an hour later. Lunch and supper menus are extensive, with buffet stations featuring delicious meals. Mongolian stir-fry, a deli stall, and a lot more is available to tickle your taste buds. The Lido Marketplace has a late-night munching counter too.

2. Green Thunder

Green Thunder on Carnival Legend needs no introduction. It is one of a kind ride on the ship. The slide is 187 feet long and can turn anyone into a child with its 34 feet long drop. This ride is a thrilling activity for one who seeks an adrenaline rush.

3. Vegas Style Show

Having a vacation on this ship and not trying a Vegas-style show is like missing out on a lifetime opportunity. It is one of the top attractions on the ship. Catching a show indeed can take your cruise ship experience to the next level. The costumes alone for these shows will grab your attention and keep you glued to your seats. If you are a fan of dance shows, then this is a must watch attraction.

4. Fitness Center

The ship has two decks reserved for fitness activities; it is spread over 13,700 sq. feet. You will find the latest gym equipment, from treadmills to elliptical walkers to stair masters. Further, the area also has a jogging deck with a panoramic sea view. Also, you will benefit from steam rooms and saunas available.

5. Hasbro

Lastly, the ultimate thing to do on Carnival Legend is have a fun time with your family by indulging in the game show Hasbro. It is a family game show. Created by celebrated production houses, all the activities on the show are based on the company's popular games. One has to compete against the other member to win fun rewards and prizes in this game. It is a great pass time for families who want to bond and connect.

These are just some of the ship's highlights; you will find many more activities like Camp Carnival, theme nights, and plenty more., on the ship.

Carnival Legend Cruising Experience Is Worth a Try

No doubt the Carnival Legend is an incredible ship. It's stunning, the food is delectable, and the action is nonstop. But the highlight of the ship is its amazing staff. The crew members on the ship are helpful and generous, which takes the whole experience to the next level. Carnival has created a new manner of serving its customers that promises timely and effective assistance from a courteous and helpful crew.

So if you are planning to go on a Carnival Legend cruise, then book your tickets on Here, you will get a hassle-free booking experience, and the staff will support you every step of the way.

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