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Celebrity Silhouette
Celebrity Silhouette

Top Things to Do on Celebrity Silhouette

Is it your first time on Celebrity Silhouette? Find out the top things that you can try out on the cruise, to have a grand time.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Celebrity Silhouette is synonymous to perfection with a striking design. It demonstrates some of the finest public spaces and provides passengers with a memorable experience. However, with so much to do you might wonder about which things to do on celebrity silhouette.

Once you acquaint yourself with the Celebrity Silhouette location and itinerary, you will encounter many activities to stay occupied. We have handpicked the top five things you must try.

Top 5 Activities You Can’t Miss on Celebrity Silhouette

1. Persian Garden

If you are in the mood for tranquil aqua therapy, the Persian Garden might be your favorite area to visit on the cruise. The area has multiple steam rooms and a relaxation lounge with heated tiled loungers and saunas. The scenic ocean views in the area make it even more enthralling. You either need to be an AquaClass guest or buy a separate pass to enjoy the facilities at the Persian Garden.

2. The Hideaway

The Hideaway is the favorite place for all the introverted souls on the cruise. You can curl up with your favorite paperback and relax while disconnecting from the rest of the world for a while. The soothing atmosphere and comfortable seating ensure that you have a calm retreat.

3. The Lawn Club

If your heart is that of a sportsman and you miss the green lawns even at sea, the Lawn Club will excite you. You will be able to play games, simply relax or enjoy live music on the lawn. You can also pack up for a picnic or try out the cuisine at The Lawn Club Grill for the afternoon.

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4. The Quasar

Are you a night owl and want to experience the nightlife at sea? Do not forget to show your spicy dance moves with up-tempo music at the Quasar. The drinks, music, and vibe are all a class apart.

5. The Theater

Entertainment lovers will be in for a treat when they visit the Celebrity Silhouette Theater. From Broadway to West End-style productions, the performances will take you to another world. Whether it’s the song and dance show, comedy shows, or aerial acrobatics, every performance is captivating and will keep you glued to your seats till the end. The innovation of the performances gives a tough competition to the beauty of the space. The best part is that the productions know how to fascinate audiences across all age groups.

What to Expect?

Your time on a celebrity silhouette will be anything but boring. If you aren’t booked yet, what are you waiting for? Head over to for a hassle free booking experience.

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