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Top Central American Cruise Ports to Explore

Discover the 5 best central american cruise ports you should visit during your next cruise with this article.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Today, there are plenty of options between two significant routes when traveling on a Central America cruises. For instance, Panama Canal cruises enable you to explore almost every must-visit Central American cruise port, whereas the Western Caribbean cruises take you to Honduras and Belize.

However, if you go for a full transit, you’ll get to explore ports on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean side of Central America. So, if you’re planning a cruise combining relaxation with adventure, you should check out these best central american cruise ports that will excite your next vacation.

5 Central American Cruise Ports You Must Experience

1. Cruises Going To Belize

If you plan on visiting Belize, you’re in luck. Both the Panama Canal cruises and Western Caribbean itineraries can stop at the Harvest Caye, which is a tourism hot spot on the coast of Placencia. You can enjoy scuba-diving or parasailing at Belize’s Barrier Reef, the longest in the Northern Hemisphere.

2. Cruises Going To Honduras

Another Central American Cruise Port worth visiting is Roatan, one of the biggest Bay Islands in Honduras.

You can visit this fantastic place located on the coast of Honduras with the help of some Panama Canal and Western Caribbean itineraries. Some popular activities to do at Roatan are scuba diving and snorkeling.

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3. Cruises Going To Costa Rica

Puerto Limon is one of the most popular must-visit Central American cruise ports located on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. This destination port is full of adventure activities and rainforests.

Here, you can explore the Wildlife Rescue Center, Jaguar Rescue Center, Bocuare Jungle Haven, and Cahuita National Park. Whether it’s hiking in rainforests, swimming in pristine places, or watching birds, you’ll enjoy it.

4. Cruises Going To Nicaragua

You can visit Corinto by booking one of the long, full-transit Panama Canal itineraries. Corinto is a famous Nicaragua-based island located on the Pacific side of the Central American country. This place is a favorite for volcano boarding and historical tours.

5. Cruises Going To Guatemala

One of the best port cities in Central America is Puerto Quetzal in Guatemala. Built around 40 years ago, this is an ideal port destination for tourists who want to explore the colonial city of Antigua.

This UNESCO world heritage site attracts travelers worldwide who appreciate and gaze at its architecture and scenic beauty. You can also book a gastronomic tour, hike on Pacaya volcano, and explore Guatemala City.

Final Words

So, before you book your next cruises to central america, make sure you get to visit at least a few of these popular Central American ports. Plan accordingly!

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