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costa cruises

Is Costa a family friendly cruise line?

Costa Cruises offers some of the best family-friendly facilities. Read further to know more about these exclusive facilities.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Costa Cruises is renowned for providing itineraries to several exotic destinations, along with supreme amenities and activities. These are designed to cater to guests from almost every age group. The cruise line is also known to be a great choice for families wanting to embark on a cruising journey. With excursions, entertainment options, special menus, and teen zones, several Costa Cruise ships serve the families onboard. Costa Toscana, Costa Smeralda, Costa Firenze, and Costa Diadema are some of the ships you can consider, if you want to book a Costa cruise ship for your family.

Can I book a Costa Cruise ship vacation for my family?

Following are the some of the facilities you can enjoy if you choose these family-friendly Costa Cruise ships: 

1. Family-friendly restaurants

On Costa Cruises, your family can enjoy appetizing flavors from different regions across the world. You can find multiple dining venues offering distinct dishes and beverages. Burger Bar, Kiki Poke, and Sushino at Costa are some of the onboard restaurants you can try out with your family. Dining venues like Nutella at Costa and Gelateria Amarillo offer delicious preparations which are popular among kids. 

2. Family and kids entertainment

The cruise line offers a range of family-friendly entertainment beginning from sporty activities to enrichment clubs. To experience a day full of adventure, families can go to the Rope Garden Adventure Park, Mini Golf area, and Piazza Del Campo. Costa Cruises also offers kids-focused areas and activities like Outdoor Peppa Pig Area, Outdoor Soccer Table Area, Squok Club and a gaming arcade. 

3. Comfortable family cabins

The family cabins at Costa Cruises are spacious enough to accommodate a family of five to eight. The cabins come with additional bathrooms, beddings, and sitting areas. To experience a more comfortable stay, families can also book the ocean view cabins, balcony cabins, and grand suites that provide a range of amenities like complimentary meals, private balconies, as well as spa and lounge access. 

4. Inclusive shore excursions

If you want to experience the ultimate shore excursion with your family, it is a must to travel on these family-friendly Costa Cruises. Shore excursions designed by Costa Cruises can be experienced by everyone, from young to old individuals. The excursions range from mountainous treks to brisk museum walks. The cruise line offers adequate training, information, and safety tips during these trips, allowing you to explore the authenticity of a place. 

5. Spa services for rejuvenation

While spending quality time with your kids is necessary, it is equally important to relax and rejuvenate while on a cruise trip. The onboard beauty spa Solemio would provide you the best beauty treatments, including refreshing facial masks, hair removal, manicure, and hairdressing services. The yoga area and Solarium Giardino Del Fiore are exclusive areas you can visit, if you want to rejuvenate after a long shore excursion. The onboard gym and jogging tracks are equipped with the best facilities to have a complete workout session. 


Costa Cruises offers a plethora of facilities for families seeking an ultimate cruising experience. The family-friendly Costa Cruises also offer exclusive advantages and special areas to satisfy the needs of every family onboard. To find the best Costa cruise ship for your family, it is important to compare the different amenities offered by each ship, including dining venues, activities, shore excursions, and spa services. To know more about Costa Cruise ships for your family, visit

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