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How Much Does It Cost For Kids To Go On A Cruise?

Taking your kids on a cruise should not be as hard as it sounds. With proper planning on which cruise to go on, you are all set to enjoy your cruise weekend trip.

By Cruise Booking Team

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If you have kids, planning a vacation with them can take drama to a whole new dimension. Travelling towards your destinations seems to be a major part. Be it on flights or trains, kids cannot be expected to stay put in one place without causing trouble. On cruises, they can be the same. A trip with your whole family can require a lot of pre-planning and setting a budget. There is no easy answer for this, but for a family of three or four, things like the age of the children or the number of people in cabins will be a factor.

How Much Does it Cost for Kids to Go on a Cruise?

Considering all those points and more, let us dive into the details of how much can kids cost on cruise trips, based on their age and other related things.

Price per kid on cruises

Each cruise company will vary in their cost. For example, many cruises cost the same per person, whether you are 1 year old or 60 years, while some charge less for children up to a certain age and more for adults, and again less for senior citizens. Many cruise lines run promotions where children under a certain age will cruise free if they are the third or fourth guest in a cabin.

Reduced rate on the third or fourth person

If you are a kid travelling with a solo parent staying at a cabin, you may have to pay for two people. However, if you are travelling with your spouse and kids, the fare may be reduced. The third and fourth guests in a cabin are always charged a reduced fare. The discount will vary based on the cruise line and guest's age.

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Kids sail free

Not all, but quite a handful of cruises do not charge you for your kids. They are allowed to sail free of charge. However, this does not necessarily follow the 18-year rule. Some companies allow the free sail to children up to 12 years, for some, it is 14 and some allow it till your child is 15 years or more. If you are travelling with a child, better look at the terms and conditions along with the rules for free sailing children and the age up to which they are allowed. This is only valid if the child is the third or fourth guest in a cabin. Port charges and taxes will still apply.

Entertainment and dinner

Kids have a long list of entertainment options and meals to explore, like a swimming pool, game room, movie halls and more. Some luxury cruises also have skiing halls and a bowling room, all may or may require additional costs. Luxury lines may cost more for kids on these expenses, however, small-scale or mid-ranged cruises may allow kids till a certain age to free sail and enjoy benefits.

Thus, to get the most out of your money, always contact a local agent who will keep you updated on the price. You can also do so by keeping an eye on the price rise or fall, which cruises have free rides for kids and the ones which offer the best benefits for you and your whole family so that you can make your bookings accordingly.

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