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5 Reasons to Opt for a Honeymoon Cruise

Are you thinking about taking a honeymoon cruise? Here are some reasons why choosing a honeymoon cruise package will be luxurious, relaxing, and dreamy.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Your honeymoon is special! It is the first time you and your new spouse will be taking a trip together as husband and wife. Love is in the air, and your honeymoon can be that special moment celebrating a new chapter in both of your lives.

If you are looking for an option with limited planning and tons of relaxation, then look no further than the honeymoon cruise. A cruise holiday can provide an all-inclusive, luxury vacation that is sure to leave you shining with that warm, newly-wed glow.


Let us find out why a cruise is your perfect honeymoon!

Reasons You Should Take a Honeymoon Cruise

1. Visit Amazing Locales and Destinations

It is your first time as a newly-wed couple – the time to make those memories together. And what better way to do this than by visiting amazing destinations, whether an exotic isle in the Caribbean, a picturesque capital in Europe or an Alaskan glacier peak if you are in the mood. The possibilities for visiting a whole range of new destinations on your honeymoon cruise packages are endless.

2. Enjoy Stress-free Travel

You have spent considerable time organizing your perfect wedding. Now is the time to relax and take a romantic vacation with your special one. Honeymoon cruises allow you and your spouse to vacation at great destinations while sipping your favorite drink in the pool, tasting gourmet delicacies, or attending exciting parties and couple activities. And you can enjoy all this without having to spend time in an airport or at the train station, worrying about missed flights or trains, having to set the alarm for an early start, or carrying around large bags. And a bonus – no jet lag to worry about!

3. Relax: Everything You Can Think of is Included

When booking a cruise vacation, almost everything is included in your cruise fare. Your beautiful stateroom, sumptuous meals, top rated entertainment and so much more. With many cruise lines alcoholic beverages can be extra as well shore excursions and alternative dining options. In the mood for a quiet romantic dinner? Or, would you want to hit the dance floor first? Head to any of the five-star rated options on the cruise ship for a special evening to remember without worrying about your budget.

Honeymoon cruise packages can be your golden ticket to pure relaxation.

4. Relaxation Continued: Sightsee at Your Comfort

In many ways, a cruise ship is like a floating hotel. It allows you and your partner to take in the amazing sights on your tour from the plush comfort of your room or chaise lounge. You do not even need to step ashore for long walks and arduous day trips. Just open your cabin door, call for a snack or a drink, and enjoy the wonderful views around you.

And should you feel the need to explore? Feel free to ask for assistance. Most cruise ships have arranged for guides who can help you make your time ashore really special and memorable.

5. Say No to Distractions

While on vacation, particularly if you are visiting beautiful places, it is easy to give in to the temptation to let the world know right away. And smartphones and laptops today can make it happen.

Once you start sharing images and updates, people start commenting and engaging with your social posts. In turn, you are distracted from your main objective (the vacation) and are drawn toward responding to their comments.

Face it – unless you are a travel vlogger/blogger (and even if you are one), there is no reason to be distracted from your newly-wed partner while on your honeymoon. It is your partner who deserves your undivided attention – the rest can wait!

A honeymoon cruise can be a great way of avoiding these distractions, for being aboard a ship at sea is bound to make you leave your digital communication gadgets aside. And who would benefit from this? Obviously, you and your spouse.

And you surely will have the photos to relive those special moments once you are back home.

Making the Most of it

A honeymoon cruise can be a great way to celebrate a very special occasion in your life. Not only would you be able to focus on your partner’s happiness and give him/her your undivided attention, but it could also help you freeze the moments in time.

After all, it is moments such as these that make the difference in our lives.

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