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What are the best cruises for solo travelers?

Traveling solo on a cruise holiday? Find out the best cruise lines fit for solo travelers.

By Cruise Booking Team

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As much as holidays seem fun with friends and family, some trips are meant to be solo. These solo trips help you reflect on some essential parts of life and gain new insights while being isolated from others. If you are planning to go on a solo cruise holiday, it will be better to find out some cruise lines that will be perfect.

Keep reading this article to find the best cruise lines for solo trips.

List of top 5 cruise lines for solo travelers

Do you wish to go on a solo cruise trip? It is now possible with some of the best and most luxurious facilities of cruise lines. Here is a list of the top 5 cruise lines that will ensure a perfect solo cruise holiday.

1. Holland America Line

This is another famous cruise line known for its programs and events fit for solo travelers. For instance, you can enjoy hands-on cooking workshops, wine tastings, and blending as onboard activities. In addition, with the Singles Partner Program, solo travelers can partner up with other travelers from the same boat.

There are about 12 solo cabins, and solo travelers can dine together. There are also occasional dance events for them. Apart from these, you can enjoy standard services like pre and post-dinner drinks with premium drink packages. In addition, the cruise ships come with specialty restaurants and cafes. Moreover, there are multiple shore excursion activities that you can enjoy across different ports.

2. Norwegian Cruise Line

The cruise ships under this line offer a wide range of services and facilities. Norwegian Epic, Breakaway, and Getaway offer multiple studio cabins, while Norwegian Jewel does not offer any studio cabins. Norwegian Bliss is the most suitable cruise ship for solo travelers, with tight studio cabins and various other amenities.

The cabins in these ships come equipped with a flat-screen TV, full-size beds, and private bathrooms. These small yet compact spaces are perfect for solo travelers. Moreover, you can enjoy the luxurious Studio Lounge, with pre-dinner gatherings and a large-screen TV for movie nights.

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3. Seabourn Cruises

The cruise ships under this cruise line offer a cozy and comfortable environment. In addition, these Seabourn Cruise ships come with a popular tradition whereby the officers host tables at dinner. This means you do not have to feel lonely while dining as a solo traveler. Moreover, you will receive the guidance of the maitre d' to be escorted to the dining room.

The solo fares here are only 50% above the double-occupancy rates. The cruise packages are all-inclusive, with a Personal Suite Host and Suite Attendant. Additionally, you will get complimentary fine wines and Champagne. Moreover, the culinary partnership with Chef Thomas Keller ensures world-class dining options.

4. Silversea Cruises

This luxury cruise line offers special fare deals occasionally, allowing solo travelers to sail without facing any penalty or paying a supplement. The solo fares are also low here, only 10% above the double occupancy rate. One of the highlights is that the solo travelers receive a welcome reception with Champagne on these ships.

Besides, you can enjoy standard dining experiences with fine French, Asian, and Italian family-style cuisine. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy some exciting offshore excursion activities across various ports. You need to look out for the occasional sales when the solo fares drop to choose this cruise line.

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5. Cunard Cruises

This cruise line is again famous for attracting solo travelers worldwide. Cunard Cruise ships include nine solo cabins, and some of them include 15 ocean-view single-occupancy cabins. The tables here are meant for solo travelers to sit with other solo travelers. Moreover, there is a 24-hour complimentary room service.

Apart from that, this cruise line offers multiple activities and events, allowing solo travelers to mix with others. Some of these include a planetarium show on QM2 and theatrical workshops and performances in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Solo travelers can also participate in coffee morning meet-ups.

Final words

These are the top five cruise lines for solo travelers. These cruise lines can be your priority if you wish to travel solo on a cruise holiday. They offer significant events and activities for entertaining solo travelers. However, you should check the price and facilities of these cruise lines before making the final decision for your journey.

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