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How to save money on a Norwegian Cruise?

Want to experience a Norwegian Cruise trip? Click to learn the tips and tricks to help you save a few extra bucks.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Norwegian Cruise Line is known for consistently satisfying cruisers with its premium services. The cozy ambiance and extraordinary hospitality make it one of the most sought-after cruise lines in the world.

Most people think a Norwegian Cruise vacation is luxurious. The good news is there are several ways to save money while traveling on a cruise of this renowned brand.

What Are the Ways One Can Save Money on a Norwegian Cruise?

One can easily save a bit of money on a Norwegian Cruise Line by meticulously following these six simple tips:

Tip 1: Avoid beverages on ports

An important fact that most people are not aware of is that additional charges are applied on alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages if and when ordered at ports. Therefore, avoiding beverages at ports can easily save a few bucks.

Cruisers usually avail of an all-inclusive drinks package while booking a Norwegian Cruise. They may easily enjoy this service whilst onboard without paying any extra fee.

Tip 2: Make use of laundry discounts

Laundry services are a bare necessity on long cruise vacations, but most cruise lines charge a fee for this. However, one may cut back on laundry costs by following these simple tips:

  • One needs to keep an eye on the freestyle newsletter the cruise line provides daily. The newsletter includes all the service-related details and the schedule for the following day. One will evidently find laundry discounts at some point of the cruise journey and must make utmost use of them.
  • Once, in the course of its journey, the cruise line provides a special laundry offer, where one has to pay a fixed amount to launder a bagful of garments. Cruisers must make the most of this golden opportunity.

Tip 3: Wisely choose spa services

Mandara Spa of Norwegian Cruise Line offers special therapeutic spa discounts to people who have previously traveled with the cruise line. While booking a Norwegian Cruise, do not forget to apply for this attractive discount in the cruise line's Latitude Rewards Loyalty Program.

Those who have not traveled with this cruise line before must not be disheartened because the spa usually offers a few deals on port days. One may easily indulge in an afternoon of relaxation while enjoying a discount of up to 25%.

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Tip 4: Book the dining package

One must carefully calculate the number of meals that will be required in the course of the cruise journey. A suitable dining package must be booked to reduce additional dining costs. A dining package is economical and offers the advantage of relishing a wide range of delicacies from premium restaurants.

Tip 5: Carry a camera

Cruise journeys are the most memorable experiences, and photographs are the best way to relive those ecstatic moments. While Norwegian Cruise Line offers exclusive photography packages, it is advisable to carry one's camera. Even mobile phones have high-pixel cameras these days. This is another way one can save a few bucks.

Tip 6: Avail of the free at-sea offer

This exclusive offer makes the Norwegian Cruise journey even more tempting. The following are the highlights of the ‘free at sea’ offer:

  • Unlimited bar services without additional charges 
  • Sumptuous delicacies that are free of cost
  • Fascinating shore excursions without additional charges
  • Free Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • No additional costs for third or fourth guests on specified dates

Final thoughts

On wisely following the above-mentioned tips, one may easily save a lot of money, and we bet nothing could be more satisfying. understands the value of money and allows one to book cruises without charging any additional booking fee.

Bon Voyage!

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