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What do you do during the day on a cruise?

During the day, there are a variety of interesting things to do on a cruise ship that will keep you entertained. Learn about the best things you may do during the day.

By Cruise Booking Team

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One thing to keep in mind is that cruises feature a mix of port days and days at sea, with enough to do on both. People who have zero or very less experience with a cruise might be wondering what they can do on a cruise ship during the day. Cruise ships consist of a wide range of modern amenities and interesting activities that travelers can engage in to kill their boredom. On the ship, there are usually more activities offered on days at sea than on port days, so these are wonderful days to stay active. Some cruise lines provide a more tranquil environment and fun activities that encourage relaxation and rejuvenation.

What do you do during the day on a cruise?

If you are going on a cruise holiday, you should be aware of the activities mentioned below that can be done during the day on a cruise.

1 - Enjoy your time at the swimming pool

On the top deck of cruise ships, there is a large swimming pool, which can be a perfect location to unwind or play exciting pool games. On a ship, there are many sorts of pools, some of which are ideal for having a poolside party with music, while others are adult-only pools ideal for relaxing. You will see lounge chairs around the pool deck and other parts of the ship where you can enjoy some time reading a book. Many poolside competitions are organized, with all contestants chosen out of the passengers, and it will surely be a lot of fun to participate or just watch others compete.

2 - Spend some time exercising 

Cruise ships are known for having some of the finest gym facilities, which may be a wonderful place for fitness enthusiasts to keep in shape. There is a wide variety of equipment available for everyone, ranging from cardio machines to weight-lifting machines and dumbbells. Gyms are typically located on the top decks of cruise ships, with enormous glass windows providing the most spectacular views you can imagine while working out. If you are unfamiliar with working out at the gym, you can enroll in fitness classes, which require you to sign up ahead of time. Zumba, stretching, yoga, spinning, cardio kickboxing, and other exercises are taught in these classes.

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3 - Get a treatment at the spa

Every major cruise ship has a spa that offers various treatments like massage, facials, manicures, teeth whitening, and infrared sauna. For having treatments in a spa, you have to do an early booking with an hour long massage costing between $100 to $150. Booking a spa treatment is an excellent way to unwind. When free tours are offered on embarkation day, take advantage of the opportunity to view some of the amazing facilities available at the spa center. On the day of embarkation, remember to sign up for spa treatments, as it will be a great way to save money and receive discounts.

4 - Play in the casino

A casino is one of the most popular places on a cruise ship where people love to have some fun and enjoy gambling. Almost every major cruise ship has a casino, and entering there is free for everyone. Before sitting down at a blackjack or poker table, visitors to the casino should cross their fingers and pray that luck is on their side. Casinos have an extensive bar menu for everyone to try wonderful beverages before throwing a pair of dice or playing a pair of cards. Cruisers who enjoy playing at casinos should always keep in mind to set a small budget for it.

5 - Participate in a wine tasting event

There are several events organized on a cruise ship among which wine tasting is one of the most famous. Wine lovers can participate in these events and enjoy tasty wine sourced from the best places for free while some ships charge a small amount. Wine-loving cruisers on the Celebrity cruise line benefit from the line's partnership with The Wine Show, a UK-based TV program. Those who enjoy other types of alcohol, such as scotch, rum, and whisky, can also participate in tasting sessions.


There is something for everyone on a cruise, whether you like it calm and restful or you like to do something interesting during the day. There are so many options to pick from, and it can be difficult to do them all, so always prioritize the activities that you like the most. If you ever get confused about what things to do during the day, then go for the suggestions that are mentioned above.

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