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Norwegian Cruises
Norwegian Cruises

Are Norwegian Cruises All Inclusive?

From dining to entertainment, accommodations to activities, our guide to Norwegian Cruise Line fares will help you plan your vacation budget with confidence.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) is one of the most popular cruise lines in the world, known for its freestyle cruising concept that allows guests to customize their vacations based on their preferences. One of the questions that often come up when planning a Norwegian Cruise is whether the fares are all-inclusive. In this blog post, we will explore the various components of Norwegian Cruise fares to help you understand what is included in your cruise fare.

Are Norwegian Cruises All Inclusive?

Norwegian Cruise Line offers a wide range of cruises to popular destinations around the world, including the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, and the Mediterranean. The cruise fares for Norwegian Cruise Line include a lot of amenities, such as dining, entertainment, and accommodations. However, not all amenities are included in the base fare, and some may require additional charges.


One of the main components of your Norwegian Cruise fare is your stateroom or suite. Norwegian Cruise Line offers a range of accommodations, from interior staterooms to luxurious suites, each with its own price point. The cost of your stateroom or suite is included in your cruise fare.


Dining is a significant part of the Norwegian Cruise Line experience, and the good news is that the cost of your meals is included in your cruise fare. Norwegian Cruise Line offers a range of dining options, from casual eateries to fine dining restaurants. The main dining rooms and buffets are included in your cruise fare, but specialty restaurants such as Teppanyaki, Cagney's Steakhouse, and Le Bistro may require an additional fee. You can choose to eat in the main dining room, buffet, or specialty restaurants based on your preferences and pay only for the options that require an extra fee.

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Norwegian Cruise Line offers a variety of beverage packages to help you enjoy your favorite drinks during your vacation. The cost of beverages is not included in your cruise fare, but you can purchase beverage packages that offer unlimited soda, juice, coffee, and alcoholic beverages for a fixed price. Norwegian Cruise Line offers different beverage packages, such as the Ultimate Beverage Package, the Corks and Caps Package, and the Soda Program, which vary in price and offerings.


Norwegian Cruise Line is known for its world-class entertainment, and you can enjoy a variety of shows and performances during your cruise. The cost of entertainment is included in your cruise fare, and you can attend shows such as Broadway productions, comedy shows, and live music performances without paying extra. However, some entertainment options, such as the Escape Room, laser tag, and go-karts, require an additional fee.


Norwegian Cruise Line offers a range of activities and amenities onboard its ships, from swimming pools to fitness centers to spas. Most of the activities are included in your cruise fare, and you can use the facilities at no additional cost. However, some activities, such as spa treatments, fitness classes, and shore excursions, require an extra fee. You can choose to participate in the activities that interest you and pay only for those that require an additional charge.


Gratuities are not included in your Norwegian Cruise fare, but they are a mandatory charge that will be added to your onboard account. The gratuity charge covers the service of the crew members who work behind the scenes to ensure that you have a great vacation. The amount of the gratuity charge varies based on the length of the cruise and the type of stateroom you have booked. You can choose to prepay the gratuities before your cruise or pay them onboard.

To sum up, while Norwegian Cruise Line offers a wide range of amenities and activities included in their base fares, it's important to understand that not everything is all-inclusive. Dining in the main dining rooms and buffets, accommodations, and entertainment are generally included in your cruise fare. However, specialty dining, beverages, activities such as spa treatments, fitness classes, shore excursions, and gratuities are not included in the base fare and require additional charges. It's crucial to review the cruise line's policies and packages to determine which amenities are included in your fare and which require an additional fee. Ultimately, with careful planning and budgeting, you can enjoy a fantastic Norwegian Cruise experience while staying within your budget.

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