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What are the things to know when buying a cruise drink package?

Do you love to drink while voyaging? Know about the things you must know before you avail of drink packages on your cruise excursion tour.

By Cruise Booking Team

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One of the most frequently asked questions among cruisers is whether to avail of a drink package while on a cruise or not. Well, the answer is different for every guest. If you are an avid drinker and do not want to keep a check on the drinks tab, then drink packages offered by the cruise lines are the way to go.

What are the things to know when buying a cruise drink package?

These are the five most important things you should keep in mind while buying a drink package:

1. You are Paying for All the Drinks in Advance

You might feel unsure about paying for your drinks even before onboarding the ship. But it might be the wisest decision you make during your cruise excursion tour if you love to have too many options. Also, it is a great choice for all guests who do not like the headache of keeping a check on the drinks tab constantly.

2. Drink Packages Include Non-Alcoholic Beverages as Well

Other than alcoholic beverages they also offer a number of classic non-alcoholic cocktails and beverages. It means drink packages will also include beverages like coffee, hot chocolates, soft drinks, and water.

However, if you are a non-alcoholic, consider a non-alcohol drink packages as there is no point in paying extra for alcohol-based drinks.

3. Choose the Correct Drink Package for You

This is one of the common mistakes committed by individuals going on a cruise tour. Overestimating their drinking capacity is something most guests do. Choosing an incorrect package can lead to overpaying for drinks that you did not consume.

Always think beforehand about how much you are going to drink during the whole tour by considering your capacity or other voyage experience.

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4. Some Cruise Lines Offer a Limited Number of Drinks in Their Package

Cruise lines such as Carnival and Princess have a cap of 15 drinks per day for alcoholic beverages. Always check your drink package before buying, if they have a maximum cap choose them accordingly.

Most cruise lines offer truly unlimited drink packages. You can avail an unlimited number of drinks from the packages, this includes all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

5. You Have to Buy Drink Packages for Every Day of the Cruise Journey

Cruise lines do not offer drink packages for an individual day. You have to purchase the drink package for the entire trip.

Drink packages are offered to the guest while they purchase the cruise tour or it can be added anytime prior to sailing. However, while onboard it is offered to the guests within the first day or second day. You just cannot choose to have a drinks package in the middle of your tour.

Average Drinking Packages on Cruises

Prices of drink packages on the cruise are not definite. Cruise lines tend to offer a variety of drinking packages such as classic, premium, premium+, and deluxe. Such packages can confuse the guests thus it is best to read the details and what it offers before booking one.

The average price of economy drink packages on cruise ships is between $70-$100, and for premium drink packages on cruise ships you will have to pay a premium price as well which is approximately $100-$120.

Holland America and Carnival Cruise Line offer main drinks packages at the cost of about $60 per day per person. Whereas the Norwegian cruise line offers drink packages that cost up to $138 per day per person.

Final Takeaway

Drink packages are great for all drinking connoisseurs as it is better to pay for an overall package rather than paying for individual drinks. If you are someone who enjoys having premium drinks at regular intervals, drinking packages are a must for you to enjoy your cruise tour to the fullest.

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