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What is the impact of the cruise price drop?

Discover what to do if there is a cruise price drop after booking. Also, know how it can impact your reservation.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A cruise holiday is an exciting experience full of anticipation and excitement. You must have carefully crafted your itinerary, chosen the ideal cabin, and booked well in advance to get the best bargain. However, the world of cruise pricing can be unpredictable, and it is common to find out that the price of your cruise has fallen after you've booked it. What should you do if you find yourself in this situation?

What to Do if There Is a Cruise Price Drop After Booking?

1. The 24-Hour Grace Period

Keeping an eye on the pricing for the next few days after making your reservations is a good idea. Cruise lines offer a 24-hour grace period during which you can request an adjustment to your fare if it has been reduced. For example, Carnival's Lowest Price Guarantee guarantees to provide 110 percent of the difference in the form of onboard credit. Norwegian Cruise Line provides a comparable Best Price Guarantee, with the option of receiving a 110 percent onboard credit or re-pricing your voyage at a cheaper rate. Other cruise lines, such as Royal Caribbean and Celebrity, provide comparable price adjustment assurances.

2. Price Drop Before Final Payment

One advantage of booking your trip early is having more options for a lower price. If you have only placed a deposit and still need to complete your full payment, you may be able to have your cruise ticket modified. You could receive the price difference as onboard credit or an upgrade. There are restrictions to this rule.

3. Price Drop After Final Payment

The game alters slightly after you've made your final payment. Negotiating the price gets more complicated. You have two choices: pay the cancellation fees and rebook (which rarely works out in your favor) or contact the cruise operator or travel agent to see if they can do anything. If the price drop is significant, you may be granted a cabin upgrade or onboard credit, but cash refunds are uncommon. The cruise lines have many restrictions to changing anything about a reservation after the final payment has been made.

4. Points to note:

While looking for a lower cruise pricing is appealing, there are a few critical aspects to consider.

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A cruise price decline after booking does not have to be a cause for concern. Booking early has advantages, including premium cabin selection options and early booking promotions. 

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