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Which cruise line is best for 50 year old couples?

Traveling with others may not always be an option for couples over 50, yet you have the desire to travel. Read on to know about exclusive cruise deals for you.

By Cruise Booking Team

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As a cruiser over the age of 50, you may not consider yourself a "senior" (they are your parents!). However, your concept for your next trip may not include swarms of screaming families, boisterous teenagers, or younger individuals in a party mood.


If this is the case, the finest cruises for adults (and other people over 50) provide not just lots of options for fun, but also a mature environment for networking with couples, singles, and maybe a few children. These ships may provide you with a comfy bed, tasty meals, well-prepared alcoholic drinks, and opportunities to be busy both on and off the ship.

Which cruise line is best for 50 year old couples?

In the following list, you will find some cruise lines which are suitable for people over the age of 50.

1. Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity ships are trendy, visually stunning, and attract a broad clientele, with fewer families with young children than other major ship lines (although an excellent children's programme). The design includes high-tech nightclubs and resort-style pool areas, as well as lots of possibilities to mingle.

Wonderful calm settings await, the sort where you may snuggle up with your loved one outside under the sunlight or sky, or indoors drinking martinis on a soft couch for two. It's unusual to feel crowded on a mega-ship. Instead, you're in a modern setting with outstanding service and top-tier cuisine (including eateries as art at some specialty restaurants). The martinis are also delicious.

2. Oceania Cruises

Oceania ships' attractive sophistication extends from the décor and jaw-dropping collection of unique Latin-focused art (Picasso in the house!) to enticing enrichment programmes like a hands-on cookery school. You don't need to start dressing beyond private club casual to access specialty dining places (for no extra charge), which include an excellent seafood restaurant and pan-Asian restaurant, as well as famous chef Jacques Pepin's namesake French bistro on the 1,250-passenger Marina and Riviera.

On land, organized culinary excursions and wellness-focused experiences are among the trip possibilities that are easily accessible and appealing to those over the age of 50. Alternatively, you may just stroll off the ship to visit the ports of call on routes that frequently include overnight stays, allowing you to get to know a region.

3. Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking's 990-passenger ships are built for people 18 and older, with spacious accommodations that will make you feel right at home while you're not visiting a diverse range of locations. The minimalist Scandinavian architecture emphasises mingling areas; even the three-deck atrium offers socialising nooks where you may meet friends for a bourbon or tea. With complementary Nordic-style hot and cold sensations, the spa is among the best at sea.

Streamed TED Talks provide cerebral stimulation, while ABBA tunes provide amusement. An infinity pool is among the many outdoor features. The cruise ticket includes wine and beer, speciality cuisine, Wi-Fi, and shore excursions, so there is no nickel and diming with this company.

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4. Seabourn Cruises

What makes the ultra-luxury line Seabourn so alluring is its ability to remain current. Seabourn embraces the nostalgic culinary trend with the 1960s-style The Grill by Thomas Keller (showcasing meals like lobster thermidor by one of America's best chefs) or delivers handmade drinks from the open bar by renowned mixologist Brian Van Flandern.

You stay in beautiful suites with marble baths and may order Champagne as well as caviar whenever you like (for free). Explore healthy living through Dr. Andrew Weil's wellness programmes. Learn about the history of Broadway plays like "The Lion King" with famed lyricist Tim Rice (his hologram appearing on the stage). Everything is just deliciously cool.

5. Windstar

Windstar provides leisurely hours in the sun and simple exploration of tiny ports of call with its small sailing ships (driven by wind and motors) and motorized yachts. The laid-back, sociable atmosphere allows you to choose your own itinerary, whether it's resting with a good book or joining a nightly conga line out on the deck.

It's all about the yacht-like atmosphere, with the crew discreetly ministering to your needs and no need to dress up even for supper, where alternatives include dining outside by candlelight. When you're not busy chatting with the other adults onboard, the flexible water sports platform includes kayaks and other gear you can borrow to explore on your own.

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