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cruise shore excursion
cruise shore excursion

Where to keep your cruise card, phone and cash during a shore excursion?

For offshore excursions, you need to keep your things safe during cruisings, be it taking a dip in the sea or going around the city markets.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A major worry for you as first-time cruisers is where you will put valuables such as your phone, cash, credit cards, and passes/cruise cards while on a shore excursion or visiting port. Whether you're at beaches, rafting, or touring in a bustling metropolis, it's critical to keep your valuables safe.


Where to keep your cruise card, phone, and cash during a shore excursion?

We are sharing the best ideas for where you should keep your belongings during a shore excursion, from selecting the right sling bag to storing belongings in a locker.

1. Where to store belongings during beach excursions

Protecting your things and keeping them secure at an unknown beach may well be daunting, however, there are a few things you can do that will assist you in keeping your personal belongings safe.

If you're with a group at the beach and would like to be always safe, get one person to stay near your items while the others go or take a stroll. It's the most secure method for keeping your valuables safe. If the group desires to go into the waters collectively, wrap your items with swimming towels and keep a close eye on them while they are in the water. It is best to keep your stuff close by while swimming.

If you see fellow travellers from your cruise on the beach, ask if they can keep an eye on your belongings for you. This can provide additional assurance on a public beach, but you might also need to do the same for their group.

2. Where to store belongings during city excursions

If you're visiting a city, no matter how big or little, it's vital to keep personal valuables secure to avoid thieves, especially in congested areas. Here are a few of our top recommendations for avoiding accidents while visiting a city:

  • Carry a sling bag that has an anti-theft pocket across your back. You may keep your cell phone, purse, passports, and other valuables in this pocket.
  • Keep nothing in your back pocket.
  • When in densely populated places, put your hands on your purse or cell phone inside your front pocket.
  • At eateries, put the wallet or bag on your lap.
  • Maintain constant awareness of your surroundings.
  • Wear your backpack on the front of your body while taking public transportation.
  • You can carry a portable safe as well.

3. Use a waterproof bag

A moisture or water-resistant bag is essential for any coastal excursion close to the water. It will not only secure your stuff when engaging in water activities or taking a boat excursion, but it will also shield you from rain.

Sudden downpour is not unusual in the Caribbean, as well as in some other tropical areas. The very last thing that you wish to occur while in port is for the climate to turn bad and for you to worry about keeping your valuables dry and secure! A moisture-resistant backpack should be enough in most cases, but you may also think about buying a waterproof dry bag.

4. Protect your phone near water

If you're going for a swim, rafting, whale watching, or performing some other sport close to water, you'll need a solution to protect your phone even while taking images of your great day in port.

A waterproof phone bag is an excellent method to carry your phone without bothering about it becoming wet! These phone pouches can accommodate most of the latest phones and may be worn across your neck for easy accessibility while at the beach or engaging in a water sport.

5. Use a ziplock bag to store things

Putting your belongings in a ziplock bag is a simple method for ensuring that they don't get destroyed on a shore excursion. Putting your passport (or any other items that could be ruined by moisture) in a ziplock bag requires little money or work, but it can save everything in an emergency.

And besides, you do not wish to unzip your bag to find a water bottle spilt everywhere on your documents!

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Your belongings are your responsibility, and you must keep them same safe at any cost. Additionally, you won’t want to spoil your trip because you are losing something important. So, follow the above tips and happily enjoy your cruising experience.

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