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What type of food is served on a cruise ship?

All things aside, food is your ultimate comfort at the end of the day. Try out dishes of famous chefs worldwide without leaving your comfortable cabin!

By Cruise Booking Team

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Food and travel indeed go hand-in-hand when you are exploring places. And when you are planning a luxurious cruise trip, you might be on cloud nine with your food expectations. You are right in looking forward to the best items on the food menu. But have you ever wondered what different cuisines are covered on its menu? Will it even match your preferable taste in food?


Cruise ships serve what kind of food?

Well, you can let go of all such concerns, as your cruise will be full of food varieties that cater to all age groups and ethnicities. The chefs of a cruise are generally famous culinary experts from around the globe. You will get access to several dining, beverages, and night-out packages that will serve you with delectable taste! All such dining packages differ with each guest's preferences. However, we have listed below some famous and sumptuous cuisines offered on a cruise.

1. Mexican

You may have heard a lot about Mexican dishes. Now, you will be trying it on your cruise trip. The cruises will provide you with options like burritos, tacos, salsa bars, and chilaquiles. There are several mini-Mexican outlets on the cruise as well. You can even try other famous dishes from there to have a soul-satisfying meal.

2. Italian

There is no denying the fact that we all are crazy for Italian food, be it pasta or pizzas! The Italian menu has everything to give a fulfilling dining experience — mouthwatering pasta, antipasti, fried calamari, lasagna, risotto, arancini, and more. Not only will you fall in love with the taste, but you will also fall for the garnishing and the presentation. However, you cannot miss the exceptional Tiramisu for dessert!

3. Indian

If you are always in awe of the Indian flavors in the food, get your hands on the Indian menu the cruise provides. A clay "tandoor" is always fired up in the kitchen to prepare the round kebabs and rotis. Every food is mixed with delicious spices, which are the essence and soul of Indian food. Indian food, along with other dishes like chicken, fish, butter chicken, and fish curry, sounds perfect for a wholesome lunch. Make sure you have ample space in your tummies to enjoy it fully!

4. Chinese

There is something about Chinese food that makes it compelling enough to be loved by all! A Chinese platter is all you need to satisfy your post-activities hunger on a cruise. You can try vegetable rolls, fried rice, honey beef, oyster-glazed seafood, dim sum, noodles, spring rolls, and more. You might end up getting into a food coma after eating the luscious Chinese food!

5. Japanese

All you need is sushi to start a refreshing day on the cruise! You will be amazed by all the mini-outlets dedicated to selling the best Japanese food. A Japanese seafood platter tastes impeccable and is a good option for lunch and dinner. Besides sushi, there are more dishes you must try, like miso soup, wagyu short ribs, tofu, sashimi, and ramen. Make sure to eat your meal hot to enjoy it the best.

6. Asian fusion

An Asian fusion cuisine takes your food expectation to another level. And there is so much more to Asian food than just egg rolls. There are several dishes like dan dan noodles, garlic bok choy, pineapple cashew rice, and shoyu cabbage soup. Your cruise chef will prepare the Asian fusion with the amalgamation of cuisines from Mongolia, Vietnam, China, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Phillippines. Bless your taste buds with a phenomenon fusion that is nowhere to be found!

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Key takeaways

There is nothing better than good food to set your mood on a cruise trip. And if you are a foodie, you’ll probably browse the food menu first before booking your cruise. Every cruise line offers an extensive range of food and beverages to cater to guests' needs. Even if you have your kids along, there will be plenty of varieties to have a soul-satisfying meal.

From Italian to Indian food, you will be assured of delectable taste and quality in every cuisine you order. Moreover, you will get to choose your dining packages from the various cuisines we discussed above! Do not miss out on the chance to taste the best cuisines from around the world, all housed in one ship.

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