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what dont do first cruise
what dont do first cruise

What should you not do on your first cruise?

Wrong clothes, wrong seasons, and wrong decisions can spoil your exhilarating cruising experience. Check out the list below to know more.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruising is one of the most convenient ways to travel because of the open sea, the diverse views and sounds at each new port of call, thrilling onshore adventures, and fine cuisine both aboard and in town.


A cruise journey is distinct from other modes of exploring the world. Your accommodation moves with you, avoiding the need to book numerous motels, rush to catch the final train, or locate tour providers. For many vacationers, a cruise streamlines the choice-making process while maximizing relaxation.

What should you not do on your first cruise?

Understanding what not to do on your first cruise is equally crucial as knowing what to do during any other trip. Below is the list of things to not do on your first cruise.

1. Don’t miss the onboard fun

The cruise industry's onboard entertainment has evolved into a trademark. Many ships now have state-of-the-art, full-sized theatres onboard, giving you the impression that you'll be at the operas in Milan or watching a Broadway production in New York City.

Mainstage comedy acts, intimate guitar concerts, and Broadway-style shows with world-class entertainers are all part of the entertainment.

2. Don’t go during the wrong season

Do you want to relax on white-sand beaches in a tropical location? Do you want to go to distant regions full of historical ruins and breathtaking natural wonders? Perhaps you're searching for an amazing vacation to Alaska's glaciers or Antarctica's cold landscapes.

Consider the style of vacation you want before booking your cruise, and then check the itinerary that visits those locations. You should also think about how lengthy the itinerary is. If this is your first experience cruising or if you have a few vacation days, a three-day trip is a good place to start. A lengthier cruise may be your best option when you have a less flexible schedule.

3. Don’t just stay on the ship throughout

The shore excursions provided at every cruise destination port are important to the cruise experience. Hiking to a waterfall through the tough, hilly environment to having a leisurely luxury motor coach tour of a city's most notable attractions are examples of activities.

Booking an excursion is a convenient method for immersing oneself in each area without organizing your transportation and activities. Furthermore, whenever you arrange an excursion, you are assured of returning to the ship before it departs at the next port.

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4. Don’t dress to impress but for comfort

One essential part of what not to do on a cruise is to bring the incorrect attire. Whatever you bring for any cruise depends on your location, the period of year you cruise, the climate in the location, and what you intend to do when in port.

Even if you're cruising to the Caribbean, carry a pair of shoes if you like going on active adventures. Bring something with which you will cover your knees and shoulders if you intend to visit holy places. Bring something fancier to supper on Evening Chic nights. Bringing a light jacket or sweater is always a good idea whenever you're going to be outdoors at night or in air conditioning.

5. Don’t act if you are confused: Take help

The personnel on your cruise ship are there to assist you. They will have an answer to any inquiry, no matter how big or small. Do you want to learn more about the places you'll be visiting? Need a recommendation for a shore trip or assistance arranging a restaurant reservation?

Use the expertise of skilled destination concierges, shore excursion specialists, stateroom attendants, as well as other members of the crew who are committed to making your holiday as enjoyable as possible.

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So, keep all these in mind if you are cruising for the first time. Whether you wish to enjoy specialty beers and cocktails, quality coffee in the morning, or a soda with lunch, several cruise beverage options cater to different requirements. There are other packages designed specifically for children.

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