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5 Best Cruise Excursions for Adventure Lovers

Do you love adventures?? Here are the most exciting adrenaline-boosting excursions for you.

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A cruise is a great way to relax away from the demands of daily life, you can enjoy some quality time in the middle of the ocean — free from the constant ping of your smartphone and away from the blinking of your laptop screen. And when the ship calls into a port, it’s time to explore and set out on new adventures.

These options will push things to the extreme and set your heart racing, we have put together a shortlist of the best cruise excursions for the adrenaline junky in you.

Five Best Cruise Excursions for Adrenaline Junkies

1. Cage diving with sharks in Hawaii

Want to test your limits? Go cage diving off Oahu in Hawaii. The excitement of being lowered in a steel cage into the ocean's depths as the sharks swim by is sure to set your blood racing. Admire these mighty predators, the highest in the marine food chain, as they stop by, within touching distance, all from the comfort and safety of your diving craft. An indescribable thrill is guaranteed!

2. Cave tubing and ziplining in Belize

Belize offers some of the best cruise excursions. Two of the best cruise excursions in Belize for adrenaline junkies are cave tubing and zipline. Upon reaching the zipline facility, your guide will run you through all the safety instructions. After that, you will be fitted perfectly by the experts with gloves, harness, and helmet. As soon as you are set, it's time for action. Experience a real adrenaline rush as you zoom through the trees in 5 ziplines in a matter of minutes, all at the mercy of gravity.

After the zipline, you can head over to do some cave tubing. You will be outfitted with a life jacket, helmet, adjustable headlamp, and inner tube. Yet again, a guide will provide you with all the safety instructions and give a small session on tubing skills. Once you are ready, you will arrive at the sacred caves, where the Mayans believed deities and ancestors once inhabited. Explore the rainforest by water as the hour-long tubing adventure takes you through a mixture of calm and fast-moving waters.

3. Dog sledding in Alaska

Dog sledding ranks prominently among the list of best cruise excursions in Alaska. Here's your chance to climb the rails and drive a sled drawn by a team of powerful huskies. The experience combines interactions with these beautiful creatures, learning how they are trained at the racing kennel, and a two-mile-long sled ride through the pristine Alaskan landscape.

If you have more time, check out the additional helicopter rides to go on a tour of some of the oldest glaciers in the world. The sights from the air are sure to leave you speechless and spellbound.

4. Powerboating in St. Maarten

One of the most scenic spots in the Caribbean, the beautiful island is split among the French (St. Martin) and the Dutch (St. Maarten). A powerboat ride around the island is the best way to take in as much as you can during your cruise excursion. Rip through the surf at high speed as you feel the sea lap around your boat and enjoy the sights that have been attracting visitors and tourists for years.

5. Mini-SUB diving in Cozumel

You will have multiple options when it comes to selecting excursions in Cozumel. As an adventure enthusiast, mini-SUB diving is a stand out choice.

Get a personalized mini-SUB and discover Cozumel's magnificent marine life. Witness the coral reefs, tropical fishes, and other ocean treasures from the sub's comfort. Seeing the marine life in its natural glory, with the fish swimming past you and your guide taking you through all the captivating creatures, you will surely love this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Absolutely no diving experience is necessary to participate in this adventurous shore excursion.

Make the most of it!

A cruise is the experience of a lifetime. As an adventure enthusiast and an adrenaline junkie, we understand your need to seek thrill and excitement to make the journey even more memorable. The options for the best cruise excursions are many. Whichever you choose you won’t be disappointed.

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