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5 Best Port Excursions in Barbados

Barbuda is home to crystalline waters and powder-white sand, the kind you'd like to bury yourself in all day - and they're accessible almost everywhere on the island!

By Cruise Booking Team

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Barbados is an immensely popular travel destination, especially among beach lovers and cruise travelers. Port excursions in Barbados offer several options, ranging from swimming with adorable sea turtles to checking out ancient caves. You won’t have a moment of boredom on this vibrant Caribbean island. If you have made it to the stunning Caribbean Island, Barbados, take out your Bridgetown (Barbados) cruise port schedule and go through the island tours and shore excursions accordingly.

The coral reefs and sunny beaches of Barbados offer ample opportunity for exploration, fun, relaxation, and rest. This idyllic Caribbean hot-spot's cultural experiences and delectable barbeques also make it a memorable site to visit. Whether you want to relax away from work for a few days, enjoy a few exciting days with your friends, or are celebrating a honeymoon, Barbados is sure to be perfect for you.

Here are a few of the top Barbados shore excursions that you must surely try out:

Top 5 Port Excursions in Barbados to Explore

1. Dancing to Islander tunes

Subsequent to enjoying a swim along with glorious creatures of the sea, you can always break a leg on some islander music. As you head off to the West Coast of Barbados at Holetown, you shall find a number of restaurants and bars waiting for you. You can first try out the delicious Caribbean delicacies at the restaurants and then head to the bars to dance to some upbeat and fun islander music while mingling with the locals.

2. Checking out the caves

You can get the chance to visit a mysterious and intriguing underground cave in Barbados. Harrison’s Cave is among the coolest destinations on this Caribbean island and features a host of stalactites and stalagmites. There is an electric tram present here, which shall take you on a tour of more than 2.5 km of this enchanting cave. So hold your breath and be prepared to get awe-struck by the size of the Harrison’s Cave and the interesting formations presented within it.

3. Going for a hike

Hiking is one of the most exciting excursions in Barbados. While this island is popular for its beaches, its landscape has way more to offer than just that. It also features lush jungles that are ideal for exploration, hikes, and nature walks. You can simply hire a guide and head on to a 3-hour loop hike to discover the diverse local landscape.

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4. Going on a rum tour

If you are over the legal drinking age, then you surely should not miss a rum drinking tour in Barbados. Any trip to the island would essentially be incomplete without it. Barbados houses Mount Gay, the oldest distillery across the globe, since 1703. Barbados is best known for its alcoholic beverage rum. Ideally, you’ll start your rum tour at the visitor center present at the Mount Gay headquarters. Here you will learn about the process and history of rum manufacturing. Subsequent to that, you can try out a variety of rums present in the diverse barrels at the distillery.

5. Swimming with turtles

It is not every day that one gets the opportunity to swim with turtles, and it surely is an experience like no other. After your ship pulls up to the docks at Bridgetown, you may opt to go on a boating day tour to find these friendly, gentle, and really adorable sea creatures. Just put on a life jacket and opt for activities like swimming and snorkeling. Barbados is home to gorgeous Hawksbill and Leatherback turtles. They are among the largest turtles on the planet and may grow to approximately two thousand pounds.

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In addition to enjoying the excursion options outlined above, you can always take time to visit the heart of Barbados, Bridgetown. It is the capital city and houses a variety of culturally significant sites. While walking on the streets of Bridgetown, you can find buildings with charming colonial-style architecture, which underlines the history of the times when this Caribbean island used to be an English colony. In particular, at the Parliament buildings of Barbados, you can find an incredible Victorian neo-Gothic style of architecture alongside the statues of some prominent historical figures of the region. The experiences of Barbados are sure to stay with you for a lifetime.

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