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5 Tips for Taking Photographs on Cruise

Want to capture one of the best memories of your life? Here are the tips for taking professional looking photographs to share with your friends and family.

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Most of us have wished for Dumbeldore’s Pensieve device so that we could store our memories in it and relive them whenever we wished. They say it’s not about the destination but about the journey, and in one as luxurious and relaxing as a cruise, it's only natural for us to want to capture the perfect moment, the feel of the breeze on deck, the smell and the savory taste of the luxurious meals or just those relaxing spa massages while sailing over the vast ocean.

But as we are just muggles, we do not have such luxury of storing and reliving the memory. Well, even if we don’t have such an insane device, we do have our phones and cameras to capture those perfect moments and memories and share those stories captured in our camera with our close ones.

Here are some basic tips for taking photos on the cruise.

5 Tips for Taking the Best Photographs on your next Cruise

1. Don’t be the Random Guy/Girl

As much as we love Ryan Reynolds for his random quirks and posts, let’s face it, his randomness is actually well planned. It is easy to get overwhelmed, especially for first-timers, to board a luxurious cruise that you end up clicking various random photos, and before you know it, either the memory of your phone or camera is full, or its battery gets drained.

You can pre-plan the location or the spots where you can click beautiful photos of yourself or the scenic view or destination. For starters, take a selfie with the ship’s name, capture the ship’s architecture, the vast ocean view from the deck, the delicious cuisines and drinks, and luxurious amenities on the ship like casinos and lounges.

With the multiple destination cruise package, you can plan for photos of the landscapes, or scenic beauties like the northern lights or the Statue of Liberty. The bottom line is, plan the spots and events beforehand for taking photos so that you can relax and enjoy the vacation without being under peer pressure of clicking everything and spending most of your time behind the lens.

2. Candid is the New Pose

Let us face it, there is nothing more romantic than being on a cruise with your partner, and it’s important to cherish and capture these memories. It’s a good idea to prepare for some candid moments, especially while walking over the ship’s bow, feeling the beautiful oceanic breeze blowing through your hair, or capturing the curious face of your partner watching the dolphins swim ahead of the ship or just relaxing around the pool soaking in the sun. There is no better pose than a candid one.

3. Knowing the Ship in & out

When you get on board and explore your floating hotel, keep an eye out for various angles and good photo spots.

Exploring the view from the ship’s bow and stern is important to click various scenes. For sighting whales or scenery, clicking that vast Alaskan landscape or the icebergs in the Arctic Ocean, it is important to know the right angle.

4. Lights On

Imagine showing your cruise photos to your friends only to be asked, ‘It’s so dark. Are you sure it’s not from the DC universe?’

While on a cruise, it is important to get the right light for clicking the photo. The deck is mostly sunny, so taking photos where the sunlight naturally enhances the photo is pragmatic. While the lower decks may have less natural light, taking a photo with proper contrasting lighting effects results in a better photo. Using a camera flash in the dark is a simple but effective tip for cruise photography.

5. Backing up the Photos

The most important tip for taking photos on a cruise ship is to have backup memory drives or back up the photos on the cloud. For multiple destination cruise packages, it is better to save the photos in folders with the name of the destination. You do not want to be in a situation where you are just halfway through the trip, and your memory is full. It is always important to have backup storage devices to avoid such situations.

These cruise photography tips will guide you to enjoy the trip along with capturing all the important moments and memories.

So, the next time you book a cruise, check the itineraries and the amenities offered by the cruise line so you can enjoy the luxury of the cruise with the company of your loved one, ready to capture every moment. Happy cruising and don’t forget to tag us in your vacation photos.

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