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5 Best Cruise Ship Amenities

Are you looking to cruise this year? Check out the best amenities available onboard for a sublime experience.

By Cruise Booking Team

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If you have never cruised before or are a newbie to the cruising world, you should be aware of a few cruising amenities that stand out. Although these offerings differ across cruise lines, knowledge of these can help choose the right cruise for you. Over the past decade, amenities onboard have gotten more creative, attracting passengers worldwide. If you are looking for some of the best cruise ship amenities, check out our top 5.


List of Top 5 Cruise Ship Amenities

The top 5 amenities that you should check out on a cruise are:

1. Exquisite Restaurants

Every cruise is designed to provide extraordinary cuisine to its passengers. They house top chefs and source ingredients unique to destinations to provide the best traveling experience. Also, a few cruises have themed restaurants, such as Wonderland Restaurant of Royal Caribbean and Animator's Palate of Disney.

A few cruise lines have restaurants with a dress code, and you need to make a reservation beforehand. If the dining experience is top of your list, then look for ships with plenty of dining options including alternative restaurants and open seating options.

2. Ice Bars and Snow Rooms

When you think of cruising, the Caribbean beaches might come to mind. But while you get to that destination, you can have a polar experience onboard. There are ice-filled spaces that provide an ultimate chilled atmosphere onboard. For example, you can check Norwegian Cruise Line Ships and Viking Ocean Cruise ships that give an experience of a frosty winter and also spas that are made of ice. Another place is Svedka Ice Bar, where the room is kept at 150F, and everything inside the bar, including the sculpture, seat, glasses, and others, is made of ice.

3. Planetarium

Nowadays, a cruise ship amenities list might include a planetarium as well. These are flag bearers of innovation, and excellence and often leave a passenger awestruck. In addition, these planetariums are often accompanied by meaningful lectures that help passengers extend their knowledge in a topic of their interest.

4. Skydiving

The skydiving experience is unequivocally one of the best cruise ship amenities onboard. If you are brave enough, you can get the experience of mini skydiving on a cruise, relative to jumping off an airplane. Several cruise lines provide this opportunity by keeping safety measures in consideration. Also, if you are not yet sure about it, you can take a brief demo before experiencing it to the fullest.

5. Cinemas

In the cruise ship amenities comparison, cinemas and theatres must be on the top of one’s priority list. Presently, cruise lines offer some of the best movie experiences for every age. You probably have experienced the thrill of a 3D movie, but now most cruises offer a 4D experience for travelers. Here, guests are strapped into chairs, and the seats rotate, vibrate and twist to give an enriched film experience.

There are myriad activities onboard that can be experienced for a memorable journey while visiting your favorite destinations. In addition to our top 5, other amenities include a virtual driving experience, bowling green lawns for a picnics, zip lines, roller coasters, one-on-one services from butlers, and other top-notch facilities.


Most cruise ships offer dedicated children's programs and activities to keep young travelers entertained. These programs can include supervised kids' clubs, age-appropriate activities, arts and crafts, games, and even special events like talent shows or movie nights.

Cruise ships typically provide a range of fitness facilities for travelers looking to stay active. These can include fully equipped gyms with cardio and weight training equipment, fitness classes such as yoga or spinning, jogging tracks, sports courts for basketball or tennis, and sometimes even rock climbing walls or trampoline parks.

Yes, Wi-Fi is a ubiquitous amenity in any cruise liner. In some cruise liners, Wi-Fi facilities may come at an additional cost, and the connection speed can vary depending on the location of the ship and the package you choose.

Yes. You can pamper yourself with various types of Spa experiences cruise ships offer. Luxurious spas and wellness facilities are a great indulgence for travelers. These can include massages, facials, body wraps, saunas, steam rooms, and even beauty salons for hair and nail services. A perfect way to relax and unwind during your cruise.

Yes, cruise ships usually have dedicated nightlife venues such as nightclubs or discos where passengers can dance the night away and enjoy late-night entertainment. These venues often feature live music, DJs, themed parties, and a lively atmosphere for those seeking nighttime fun and socializing.

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