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How Does the Single Supplement Work on Cruises?

Learn about single supplement charges on cruises. Learn how to navigate the seas independently and save money.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Embarking on a solo adventure can be exhilarating, but for those ready to sail on a cruise, there's a term that might give pause – the single supplement. While it may not be a topic commonly discussed amid stories of breathtaking ocean views and onboard escapades, understanding the single supplement is key for solo cruisers. So, let's unravel the mystery of this additional cost and explore ways to navigate the seas without breaking the bank.

The Single Supplement Unveiled

The single supplement, often encountered in the cruising world, is an extra amount imposed on solo travelers booking a stateroom designed for two. Cruise fares are usually based on double occupancy, meaning the price displayed is for half of the total stateroom cost. To compensate for the potential loss in revenue when only one person occupies a room meant for two, cruises implement a single supplement, ranging from an additional 50% to 100% of the fare.

Are There Cruises With No Single Supplements?

Indeed, some cruise lines recognize the surge in solo travelers and have adapted to meet their needs. Some offer reduced or completely waived single supplements, making solo cruising more accessible and affordable. As a solo traveler, exploring these options and choosing cruise lines that align with your preferences and budget is crucial.

The Price Tag

A single supplement usually differs among cruise lines and during different cruises; hence, its price depends mainly on when you book. Although it’s usually an extra 50% – 100% of the fare, solo travelers need to assess financial consequences when planning the cruise adventure.

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As the travel industry adapts to the rise of solo cruising, the single supplement may no longer be a daunting hurdle for those setting sail on their own. Solo-friendly features, reduced supplements, and cruises catering specifically to solo travelers are changing and developing the seascape for independent adventurers. Before you embark on your solo cruise, explore options available on, where you can find an array of cruises tailored to solo travelers. Read the terms and conditions to find whether a single supplement applies, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective journey on the high seas.

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