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Freedom of the Seas Cruise Inclusion and Exclusion
Freedom of the Seas Cruise Inclusion and Exclusion

What Is Included And Not Included On Freedom Of The Seas?

Find out what's included and what's not on the Freedom of the Seas cruise ship with our guide to inclusive activities like dining and entertainment.

By Cruise Booking Team

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What is not included on Freedom of the Seas? 

Embarking on the Freedom of the Seas Cruise Ship, once the world's largest cruise ship, promises an unforgettable voyage with Royal Caribbean Cruise. This article unveils the ship's intricacies and what amenities are included in your fare, ensuring you make the most of your seafaring adventure.

1. New Deck and Upgrades

In 2020, the Freedom of the Seas underwent a remarkable $116-million upgrade, enhancing its appeal for modern cruisers. The pool deck, a focal leisure point, received a facelift with vibrant casitas, a taco shack, and the lively Lime and Coconut bar. Meanwhile, a Splashaway Bay water park was introduced, creating a haven for younger passengers.

2. Space and Ambiance

Despite its capacity for 4,500 passengers, the Freedom of the Seas maintains a sense of spaciousness. While peak times may bring a flurry of activity to areas like the Windjammer, hidden gems like the library, internet cafe, and the Solarium pool offer tranquility during port days. Discover the ship's traffic flow, ensuring a seamless journey through its various spaces.

3. Culinary Delights

Dining aboard the Freedom of the Seas is a gastronomic adventure. Beyond the main dining room and buffet, specialty restaurants like Chops Steakhouse and Izumi for Sushi elevate the culinary experience. From accommodating picky eaters to the allure of a gourmet meal, savor the ship's diverse flavors.

4. Cabin Choices and Dated Spaces

With 1,894 staterooms, the Freedom of the Seas caters to diverse preferences, boasting 880 cabins with private balconies. A standout is the addition of oversized ocean-view cabins featuring a modern palette during a 2015 dry dock. However, some cabins reveal signs of aging, emphasizing the need for a discerning choice based on personal preferences.

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Guide to Inclusive And Exclusive Activities On Freedom Of The Seas Cruise Ship

Included With Your Cruise Fare

Exclusions: Not Included With Your Cruise Fare

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As you set sail on the Freedom of the Seas, armed with insights into its offerings and nuances, embrace the anticipation of a multifaceted cruise experience. Despite its age, the ship's continual upgrades and diverse attractions promise something for every age group. Whether you seek relaxation or non-stop activity, the Freedom of the Seas beckons with open seas and boundless possibilities. Embark on an unforgettable journey with Freedom of the Seas. Book Online Cruise now on and unlock a sea of memories. Bon voyage!

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