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Which Is the Better Side to Being on a Cruise Ship?

Set sail with confidence. Uncover the secrets of cruise ship sides - from breathtaking views to optimal stability, and find your perfect cabin experience.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A cruise is a journey into a luxurious, relaxing, and adventurous realm. The vast horizons of the open ocean offer a glimpse of freedom beyond monotony. As passengers prepare for their maritime journey, a crucial decision awaits them: making the right choice on board the cruise ship. Cruisers need to learn about the specialties of each one (port side and starboard side) to determine which will best suit their expectations, preferences, and needs.

What Is the Cruise Ship's Better Side?

1. Port Side Prowess

There are several reasons why experienced cruisers love the port side. The chances of seeing impressive sunsets make the port side one of the main benefits of opting for that option. While the ship keeps moving westwards, people standing on the port side can enjoy an invaluable gift of nature’s splendor to their eyes as the sun sets in the western sky. The sky becomes an array of colorful shades, lighting the sea with warmth.

And more than just the beautiful sunsets, the port side provides breathtaking glimpses of different coastlines whenever the ship stops at different ports of call. Imagine seeing images such as beautiful seaside towns and busy townships in your dreams. The port side introduces to those who find pleasure in anticipating arrival at their place of exploration, that which they are in for.

2. Starboard Splendors

The port side is on one end and traditionally represents the left of the ship, while the starboard side refers to the other extreme concerning the starboard side, which has always represented the right side. There is another side with different charms attracting cruisers looking for unique experiences on their voyage. The unique feature that defines one of the starboard sides is enjoying the beauty of dawn. They are amazed at the breathtaking panoramic scene of the rising sun spreading over the calm waters to early risers.

For instance, starboard-side passengers who travel aboard the vessel can be lucky enough to see incredible views of where they are headed upon docking. The starboard side will reveal another version of the world that still needs discovery, whether it is an old historical port or a deserted island with a virgin coastline.

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Considerations for Choosing

The choice between port and starboard has various considerations and eventually constitutes a significant element in the cruising voyage. Decision-making takes into account cabin location, itinerary, and personal preferences.

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The eternal battle of “port” or “starboard” has no single solution. However, it all depends on the individual’s taste or choice. From the romance of the sun going down on the port side to the quiet calm of the sun coming up on the starboard side – every one of these choices is certain to provide an exhilarating and memorable moment out at sea. The choice of side as cruisers set sail adds to the joy of exploring the seas. Therefore, what side do you pick in your subsequent trip? This is in the mix of serene views, on-board facilities, and the fascinating influence of the rising or setting sun.

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