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Where Do Amazon River Cruises Leave from?

Set sail on Amazon cruises of a lifetime. Depart from enchanting ports, exploring the rainforest's mysteries and vibrant wildlife on a unique river adventure.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Rainforest Amazon, or the lungs of the earth, covers more than one country like Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and probably a few more states in South America. The Amazon River has become a dream for many who seek adventures; the river is an ideal place where one can explore the surrounding rainforest while at it. This article explores different departure ports of Amazon cruises, pinpoints important areas, and sheds light on remarkable travel adventures.

List of Main Ports of Embarkation for Amazon River Cruises

1. Manaus, Brazil: The Gateway to the Amazon

Manaus is a city located at the center of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, and it acts as one of the main ports for the Amazon River cruises. Subsubsection Amazon River is formed by two major rivers named Rio Negro and Solimões that converge in this busy city. Manus is a place with a rich historical background dating back to the late 18th to early 19th century, where it attained wealth due to the rubber boom that produced architectural wonders like Teatro Amazona.

The cruises leaving Manaus usually focus on the encounter of the waters, where the black Rio Negro and Solimões River sand-colored mingle together but do not mix immediately. Manaus’s popular cruise is also one of the most interesting in South America. It includes visits to the Anavilhanas Archipelago – the biggest freshwater archipelago in the world, and the captivating Janauari Ecological Park.

2. Iquitos, Peru: Embarking on the Peruvian Amazon

Iquitos, situated in the interior of the Peruvian Amazon, is another big boat port for Amazonian cruises. Located in a remote place where you need to use air and water for access, Iquitos acts as a means of entry into the largest protected area in Peru, known as the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. This experience is like getting thrown right into the midst of the jungle itself. One experiences a wide variety of wildlife, such as monkeys jumping on boats, caiman alligators swimming up to check us out, capybara rodents, and sloths.

Some of these itineraries incorporate visits to indigenous communities where tourists can get information on different customs or social rituals practiced among people in that area. Traveling in the narrow waters of the Amazon Basin could bring passengers many pink dolphins, amazing bird species, and other amazing animals living in the jungle.

3. Leticia, Colombia: Amazon cruises into the triple frontiers

The Colombian town of Letetia is found along the Amazon River and serves as an entry point for people visiting the Colombian Amazon. Leticia is situated near the tri-border zone, which lies at the confluence of the three countries – Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. Therefore, this junction makes for different cruise routes that capture the rich culture and nature of all three nations.

Many cruises leaving from Leticia travel into the richly diverse Amacayacu National Park, inhabited by various indigenous groups. The Colombian Amazon provides an alternative view of the coexistence of peoples’ cultures and traditions on the banks of the rivers.

4. Santarém and Belém, Brazil: Cruising the Lower Amazon

Santarem and Belem are some departure ports for the cruises that travelers interested in the lower parts of the Amazon River can take. Santarém is situated where the two rivers meet and provide a mix of black and whitewater systems. As such, cruises leaving this region could stop at Alter do Chão, where some breathtaking pure sand beaches are called “the Caribbean of the Amazon.”

However, Belem, near the mouth of the Amazon River, offers a chance to visit the culture and traditions of the colonial period. There is Marajó Island, which is the largest fluvial island in the world, populated with various ecosystems and water buffaloes. The cruises departing from Belém might go there as well.

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A trip to Amazon by cruisers will be a unique experience that will plunge travelers into unmatched natural attractions and the diversity of wildlife of the Amazonian Forest. Each place from which one can leave offers its own view of this amazing environment, whether that is departing from Manaus, Iquitos, Leticia, Santarem, or even Belém. From the river meeting of the waters to the thick rain forests and colorful native traditions, Amazon cruises present a chance to explore one of the most fantastic parts of the world. As travelers sail on the great Amazon River, there will certainly be some magic that they will experience along the river, which will remain in their memory forever.

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