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What's included in Disney Cruise prices and what's not?

Curious to know the extra charges applied on Disney cruise? Here is all you need to know!

By Cruise Booking Team

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It is crucial to know what a Disney Cruise does and does not contain if you're thinking about booking one for your next trip. Like any other vacation package, a Disney Cruise is anticipated to be an amazing experience with lots of exciting activities, first-rate service, and family-friendly entertainment. Still, in order to prevent unexpected costs, it's critical to understand the subtleties. You can easily determine what is included in the cost of your Disney Cruise and what you will need to pay for separately with the aid of this thorough guide.

What does the price of a Disney Cruise include?


The cost of your cruise includes your stateroom. Disney Cruise Line offers a range of stateroom options, from standard cabins to luxurious concierge suites. Each room has been carefully designed with families in mind and includes plenty of storage, two bathrooms, and elegant Disney decor.


Disney Cruise Line's rotating meal system is one of its unique features. The cost includes meals at the main dining rooms, which change each night to offer you the opportunity to eat at a variety of themed eateries. Options include:


The majority of Disney Cruise Line's excellent onboard productions are priced inside the ticket.

Kid’s activities:

All of Disney's excellent kids’ programs are included in the price of your vacation.

Pools and water features:

Guests can enjoy the ship's swimming pools and water play facilities.

Fitness and recreation:

Recreational activities and fitness facilities are covered.

Private island:

If your schedule calls for a stop at Disney's private island, Castaway Cay in the Bahamas, your cruise fare includes admission to the island. Here's what you will find out:

What Is not included in Disney Cruise pricing?

1. Alcohol-based and specialty drinks:

Other drinks are fee-based, however, soda is complimentary at the drink stations and in the dining areas:

2. Specialty dining:

While the main dining halls and casual eateries are free, Disney Cruise Line offers fine dining experiences for an extra charge.

3. Shore excursions: 

4. Spa and salon services:

Excursions at ports of call are not included in your ticket. Disney Cruise Line offers a variety of Port Adventures, which include exciting excursions and city tours. Despite the higher expense, booking these trips through Disney ensures an impeccable experience.

5. Internet access:

Although internet packages are available, they might be expensive. Make sure to budget for data if you want to stay connected while at sea because Disney offers a range of possibilities.

6. Photography services:

Throughout the trip, expert photographers are available to capture your special moments. Packages of photos or individual prints are subject to an additional fee.

7. Merchandise & souvenirs:

A variety of shops onboard sell duty-free items, souvenirs, and Disney memories. These items are not included in your cruise price.

8. Gratuities:

The host of your cabin, the dining room server, the assistant server, and the head server are not covered by your fee. Disney provides suggested gratuity amounts that can be prepaid or added to your onboard account.

9. Babysitting services:

Although the kids clubs for kids of three years and above are free, there is an additional fee for watching infants and young children at It's a Small World Nursery. Reservations are required in advance for this service due to limited availability.

10. Medical services:

Although you are entitled to medical care while aboard, any operations, prescription medications, or consultations will be billed to your onboard account or insurance.

11. Extra activities:

The following special events and activities are not included:

Some guidelines for managing Disney Cruise expenses


A Disney Cruise provides an all-inclusive experience because of the wide choice of facilities and activities that are included. If you are aware of all the inclusions and exclusions in your fare, booking a trip will be easy and wonderful. With careful planning and budgeting, you can maximize your Disney Cruise experience and avoid unpleasant surprises. Disney Cruise memories are guaranteed to be cherished for years to come, whether they be from the incredible character interactions, the captivating entertainment, or the magical dining experiences.

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