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Houseboat, Kerala
Houseboat, Kerala


There are several attractions to visit in Kochi, and the top 10 must-visit ones are briefly described below to help you plan an itinerary for your stay in this green and hospitable city.

By Cruise Booking Team

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The Gateway of Kerala, Kochi is one of the most visited places in India. The stunning port city is a collection of small islands and used to be the central focus of the spice trade through the centuries. It is steeped in colonial history as it has once been dominated by Dutch, Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese and British. Over time, Kochi has developed its own unique culture and identity. Its spellbinding and stunning natural beauty besides its distinct lifestyle, artistry, cuisine, and culture are sure to render you a great holiday experience.

There are many awesome, attractive places and things to do in Kochi. So, keep at least a week to soak in the odd mix of ancient and modern cultural influences through the centuries.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions to Visit in Kochi, Kerala

1. The Mattancherry Palace

One of the favorite attractions to visit and should be on a must-visit list, the Mattancherry Palace was constructed by the Portuguese in 1555, and gifted to the Raja Veera Kerala Varma, king of Kochi, as a show of appreciation; it was later restored and extensions were made by the Dutch in 1663 and it is also, therefore, known as the Dutch Palace. The place is reputed for spending a relaxing day for a picnic or buying antiques.

2. Chinese Fishing Nets – Fishing Villages

As per legend, the fishing villages prospered after Chinese explorers brought the Chinese fishing nets from Kublai Khan’s courts. Zheng He in the 14th century introduced the nets and they have been used ever since. For a fulfilling experience, the local fisherman will show tourists how to use them, and it is possible to opt for their morning catch, which may be cooked at the nearby shacks for fresh and delicious seafood made locally.

3. Paradesi Synagogue

Another attraction that cannot be skipped is the Paradesi Synagogue. It is known to be the oldest one in the Commonwealth of Nations. It earned its name as it is frequented by exiled European and Middle Eastern Jews. This synagogue is stunning; its sensational artwork with willow patterned floor tiles from China will stun you. Its hand-painted gold pulpit with an extravagant Belgian chandelier and a later-added clock tower make it an unforgettable attraction and should be included in your travel itinerary.

4. Elephant Sanctuary

The elephant sanctuary in Kochi is a serene location and perfect for enjoying some time in nature alongside the majestic creatures. The relaxed and calm environment is best suited for a fun-filled day. If you are looking for things to do in Kochi, visiting the elephant sanctuary should be at the top of your list. You can give the elephants a supervised bath or simply spend time in the lush green environment in the lively company of happy elephants frolicking in the water.

5. Backwater Boat Tour

Kochi offers backwater tours for its discerning tourists. You can book a tour from Kumarakom village located on the bank of Vembanad Lake. This lake is the longest backwater lake in the state and quite popular amongst tourists. It allows visitors to indulge in several exciting backwater activities.

6. Kerala Folklore and Theater Museum

An amalgamation of three types of architecture; the ground floor follows the Malabar style, the first floor follows the Kochi style and the second floor follows the Travancore style of architecture. The Museum houses more than 4,000 artifacts. It also has a wood-lined theater having a stunning wooden ceiling from the 17th century. The theater still holds genuine traditional performances daily.

7. Princess Street/Loafer’s Corner

This is one of the oldest sections of the city and the colonial contribution to the city’s tradition is obvious with beautiful colonial structures lining the roads on both sides. This is a local marketplace, and very popular for shopping souvenirs, artifacts, handicrafts, and trinkets, and also for the mouth-watering food that is served in the small cafes. The neighborhood is best explored on foot so that you have ample time to browse through the little shops.

8. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary/Vembanad Bird Sanctuary

This is a nature lovers’ paradise as it offers an opportunity to watch unique and exceptional birds. There are tours available for guests and it is one of the most unusual yet serene attractions for a relaxing time. There are several migratory as well as resident bird species and a visit during the day can mean that one gets to see perhaps 40 to 50 different species of stunning birds.

9. Fort Kochi

Steeped in the rich history of the Kochi, Fort Kochi shows the colonial past in all its glory with Portuguese, English, and Dutch influences; there are lavish mansions from the colonial era. This place is best explored on foot and should not be skipped as an attraction. Four to five hours is ample time to explore and enjoy while relaxing.

10. Muziris Spice Tour

Kochi was an important place for the ancient spice trade; there are tours available to take interested parties to the Malabar Coast, as it was in the heart of the trade route in India. Muziris is an ancient seaport, and the government has taken an initiative, the Muziris Heritage Project, tailor-made to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the ancient town.

As a tourist visiting the ancient city of Kochi, these are the remarkable and stunning tourist attractions which cannot be missed. Kathakali performances, wine tours, Kalaripayattu performances, shopping, and a relaxing session in an Ayurvedic Spa resort are other activities you can indulge in for a fulfilling experience.

Kochi is also a great place to buy antiques and artifacts, which can be bought in Jew Town, where it is possible to procure artifacts with various colonial influences. The city is known as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea” since it became a hub for spice trade in the 14th century; it is also one of the first European colonies in India. Additionally, Kochi offers many things to do for tourists and locals alike. Visit Kochi to relax and relieve the glorious history of India.

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