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Cruise Reservation
Cruise Reservation

Can I make changes to my cruise reservation?

Cruises allow their passengers to make several changes to their reservations. Read on to learn more about such changes.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A cruise vacation is the ultimate chance to spend time with your loved ones. You may be able to book various onboard activities and reservations and enjoy amenities like spa treatments and excellent dining. While you book a specific cruise reservation or package for your trip, cruise lines allow guests to make certain changes and additions to their reservations. These changes may range from adding services to even changing the cruise dates. Fulfillment of these changes depends on the availability of alternate services and accommodations. You can make your changes in a hassle-free way as the cruise line provides complete guidance to make your experience a memorable one. 

Some of the changes and upgrades that you can make to your cruise reservation: 

1. Changing a name:

A name change in your cruise reservation signifies the cancellation of one guest’s reservation and the addition of a new guest. A ‘name change fee’ can be levied, depending upon your cruise line. At least one of the original names of guests must remain on the reservation, as changing every guest’s name is not allowed. This will result in a cancellation penalty from the cruise line.

2. Changing dates:

Changing the dates of your cruise depends upon the cruise line’s availability. The cruise line may help you select the possible dates you can change to. Changing cruise dates may require additional charges, especially if changing to a more expensive time of the year. 

3. Upgrading your accommodation:

You can upgrade or change your selected accommodations, usually for a fee.  This depends upon availability, the type of fare you have booked, and other factors.

4. Canceling your reservation:

Cruise lines offer a grace period for cancellation of reservations. Each cruise line’s rules and policies can differ based on cancellation penalties and refunds. You can easily cancel your cruise reservations by looking up your cruise details or contacting the respective cruise line. 

5. Adding guests:

You can add guests to your cruise reservation by contacting your travel agent. Depending on the availability of the cruise, more people can be added to your stateroom. You can also upgrade your cabin or suite to accommodate the number of guests. This is all dependent upon availability and the fare you have booked.

Things before making changes to your cruise reservation: 

1. Additional charges:

Additional charges may apply to your cruise reservation if you’re upgrading to better services and staterooms or making any changes to your reservation. 

2. Refunds:

You may be subjected to refunds if you cancel your reservation or change cruise dates. The changes may include partial to full refunds. These will be processed directly to the credit cards used for payments. Look out for refundable and non-refundable deposit fares, as the cruise line may hold an amount of penalty as a cancellation charge. 

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Renowned cruise lines like Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival Cruises offer flexible options for making changes to your existing cruise reservation. On a cruise, you can change the names, dates, accommodations, and medical requirements. Before booking a cruise, be sure to go through the policies and guidelines of a particular cruise line to learn about the options available to you. The guidelines for making changes to your reservation differ according to the cruise lines. For the latest updates and to book a suitable cruise for your vacation, visit

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