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Can I bring food and drinks on Royal Caribbean cruise?

While on a Royal Caribbean cruise, there are some food and drinks that are permitted onboard. Read on to discover these items.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Royal Caribbean Cruises are famed for providing the best cruise experience to their guests. The cruises are suitable for every kind of passenger, ranging from singles and couples to families. Each ship features the latest technology, services, and exceptional hospitality. With unparalleled customer-friendly policies, the cruise line would allow you to enjoy your trip and make happy memories. You can also bring food and drinks on a Royal Caribbean cruise. However, it is necessary to understand the policies set by the cruise line on bringing food and drinks onboard. 

Which food and drinks can I bring on a Royal Caribbean cruise?

Following are some of the food and drinks that you can bring on a Royal Caribbean cruise: 

1. Non-perishable food:

While traveling on a cruise, you can bring your favorite snacks, provided that they are pre-packed and non-perishable. This advantage comes in handy when you’re traveling with a kid since you can bring their go-to snack on board. You can bring non-perishable food items like cookies, chips, crackers, and energy bars on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Ensure that these items are unopened and intact in their original packaging. 

2. Wine and champagne:

Passengers on a Royal Caribbean cruise can bring sealed bottles of wine or champagne on the embarkation day. According to the cruise line’s policy, the permitted amount is up to two bottles per stateroom. If you carry more alcohol than the permitted amount, you can safely store them in the ship, which will be returned on your last day onboard. Consider bringing them in your carry-on luggage. Bringing them in your checked luggage may break or damage the food items or lead to a delay in their arrival to your stateroom. 

3. Non-alcoholic beverages:

The cruise line allows its guests to carry non-alcoholic beverages like soda and other soft drinks. The passengers can bring up to 12 soda cans per stateroom. You can also bring non-alcoholic beverages that are packed in sealed plastic bottles and cartons. 

4. Baby formula and food: 

If you’re cruising with a toddler, it is necessary to keep their food items in handy. On a Royal Caribbean cruise, you can bring pre-packaged baby food, breast milk, or powdered milk. You can store breast milk and other baby food items conveniently in the mini-fridge of your stateroom.

5. Milk and water:

On a Royal Caribbean cruise, you can bring along bottled water that must be brought as carry-on luggage. On the embarkation day, you can also bring distilled water for medical or dietary purposes. Carrying milk on the cruise is also permitted, especially if you’re traveling with an infant. 

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Some food and drinks avoid bringing on a Royal Caribbean Cruise

1. Perishable food items:

You must avoid bringing perishable food items to the cruise as they may cause spoilage. Avoid bringing fruits, vegetables, meat products, and homemade food.

2. Selective alcoholic beverages:

While you can bring wine or champagne on the cruise, avoid any other alcohol. It is advisable to avoid bringing alcoholic beverages like hard liquor, beer, and seltzer as it may attract restrictions while embarking on the ship.


Bringing food and drinks on a cruise can save a lot of money in comparison to purchasing them from the ship or shore destinations. It can be helpful to have your necessary drinks and food items within your reach, especially if you’re traveling with a kid. It is crucial to check your cruise line’s policies on bringing food and drinks onboard. This would allow you to experience a hassle-free cruising experience. While on a Royal Caribbean cruise, you can bring perishable snacks, limited bottles of wine and champagne, baby food, and milk and water. Remember, food and drinks are available onboard around the clock and included in your fare. So no need to pack too much extra food and drinks.

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