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Can we carry liquor on a cruise?

Learn if you can bring your liquor onboard and the rules for enjoying alcohol during your voyage.

By Cruise Booking Team

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When embarking on a cruise adventure, the anticipation of a relaxing voyage or an exciting exploration of new destinations often takes center stage. However, for many passengers, whether they can bring their own alcohol on board becomes a major source of interest. The prospect of sipping a favorite bottle of wine or liquor while sailing the high seas is undeniably appealing. Yet, navigating the complex web of cruise line policies and regulations surrounding alcohol can be tricky through uncharted waters.

What is the liquor policy for cruise travelers?

1. Understanding Cruise Line Policies

Cruise lines clearly earn from onboard beverage purchases, which are frequently marked up significantly. Many interested travelers wonder if they can bring their own booze on their journey. The answer is heavily influenced by the cruise line you choose.

Most prominent cruise lines allow passengers to bring a limited amount of alcohol, usually confined to wine or champagne. There are, however, rigorous guidelines to follow. For example, you may be required to transport your permitted bottles in your carry-on luggage as you board the ship. This can be especially confusing if you're flying to the departure port, as Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations require that bottles be stored in checked luggage. As a result, in order to pass through ship security, you'll need to shift your alcohol to your carry-on.

2. Corkage Fees and Luxurious Exceptions

Once on board, be aware of potential corkage fees, particularly if you intend to consume your brought-from-home beverage in a dining room or public area. You may have already paid for your bottle of wine, but corkage fees on cruise ships often range from $10 to $25. On luxury cruise ships, though, the rules can be relaxed. Passengers on these high-end ships may be able to bring many bottles of alcohol and even refill their supplies at ports of call.

3. Age Restrictions and Unopened Bottles

Remember that these alcohol restrictions normally apply to passengers aged 21 and older. Furthermore, the bottles you carry must be unopened and sealed in order to comply with cruise company regulations.

4. No Sneaky Tricks

Refrain from bringing alcohol in a flask, mouthwash bottle, or water container. Cruise lines are very aware of these tricks and strictly enforce their policies. If you are caught, your concealed alcohol will be confiscated.

5. Bottles You Declare

If, on the other hand, you declare any extra bottles, they will usually be safely held for you and returned at the end of your voyage. The same is true for any alcoholic beverages purchased at the ship's duty-free shop.

Cruise Line Policies

More details of cruise line policies regarding bringing alcohol onboard:

1. Mainstream Cruise Lines:

These normally allow customers to carry a limited amount of wine or champagne with them. Follow their guidelines for bringing bottles on board and be prepared to pay corkage costs. 

2. Luxury Cruise Lines:

Policies on these high-end trips are more relaxed, allowing for more bottles and even the opportunity to resupply at ports of call.

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Whether or not you can carry liquor on a cruise is primarily determined by the cruise line you choose. To guarantee a seamless and comfortable voyage, being informed of and observing their policies is essential. So, whether you're toasting with your favorite wine or indulging in the onboard menu, may your trip be filled with great memories. For more information, visit

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