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How do I not spend money on a cruise?

Finding it hard to choose a cruise ship? Read on to know how you can save money on a cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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You received a terrific price on your cruise fare because you booked it during a great sale, picked a less costly stateroom, took advantage of travel agent discounts, and chose less popular sailing dates.

How can I save money on a cruise?

But if you're not careful, your funds might end up at the bottom of the ocean. Fortunately, if you know what costs to be aware of, it's simple to avoid squandering money on your cruise. Here are some tips for saving money on a cruise:

Identifying wasted money

You will spend money on souvenirs, professional pictures, spa treatments, delicious cocktails, shore tours, casino bets, bingo games, and other exciting activities throughout your trip. The goal is to only spend money on the finest offers to enhance your holiday, rather than overspending just because you feel obligated to or are forced to buy something that you actually don't want.

What you choose to spend your money on will differ from that of other passengers, just as their spending may appear frivolous to you or they believe you are wasting your own budget. However, if you spend intelligently, you will not feel as if you have squandered any money.

Skip these on-board expenses to save money

There are several costs on a cruise that may not be the bargains they appear to be. By carefully researching each one for your holiday interests, you may avoid wasting money and save it for only the finest possibilities.

1. Drinks

Most cruise lines provide drink packages on a per-day basis, either for soft drinks as well as non-alcoholic drinks or for all sorts of alcoholic beverages. While some bundles appear to be a terrific way to save money, the savings only pile up if you drink every day - and other packages include restrictions and exclusions that may not cover all of the beverages you love.

2. Gourmet cuisine

The allure of private, reservation-only restaurants may be powerful, especially if you want to mark a special event on your cruise with a romantic, opulent supper.

However, with prices ranging from $15 to $40 per person, the rates for these restaurants might be exorbitant, especially since the main dining room, informal buffets, room service, and other amenities are all included in your cruise package. Request a separate table in the dining room instead if you still desire privacy and solitude for your evening dining.

3. Exercise classes

If you want to burn off all those wonderful calories from your cruise, you can try joining a fitness class like spinning, yoga, or Zumba, or even hire a personal trainer.

However, class prices can range from $10 to $20 or more, and one-on-one sessions can cost considerably more. Instead of wasting money, go to the free gym or bring your favourite classes and exercises on your laptop, phone, or tablet.

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4. Professional photographs

The ship's photographers are prepared and happy to capture every cruise experience, including embarkation, pool time, dinner, port visits, and, of course, lots of staged shots with a variety of backdrops and accessories.

Instead of paying $10-$25 or more for professional images, just capture your own with your smartphone or camera and post them online, share them with friends, or get copies at a far lesser cost.

5. Souvenirs

Photos aren't the only souvenirs you'll want from your trip, and you could be tempted by the continuing bargains from the ship's galleria of merchants — jewellery, t-shirts, caps, and more, all at cheap low rates.

At least, that's what the marketing says, but you can really discover a larger assortment of more stunning souvenirs in other ports of call. When you buy souvenirs in port, you will not only save money but what you do invest will benefit the local economy rather than the cruise line's bottom line.

Final thoughts

A cruise trip may be an affordable and fantastic holiday option, and if you stick to your budget, you can avoid squandering money on unnecessary things. Instead, you may spend your money on more specialized fun and once-in-a-lifetime activities that will make your cruise trip much more fun, unforgettable and incredible. Book your cruises from CruiseBooking for the best cruise deals.

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