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How Fast Are Knots in MPH? A Few More Questions

On cruise ships, do you hear the captain announce the ship's speed in knots?

By Cruise Booking Team

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Captains of cruise ships often provide a lot of information about your sailing during daily announcements. The boat's speed, expressed in knots, is often shared.

How fast is a knot? How do nautical miles relate to knots? What is the speed of a cruise ship on the high seas?

In addition, we found out how to easily convert knots to miles per hour (mph). This way, you will understand what your captain says about the ship's speed.

How Does a Knot Work?

In nautical miles per hour, one knot equals one nautical mile. Of course, that raises a different question: how do nautical miles differ from land miles (statute miles)?

How Does a Nautical Mile Work?

The nautical mile is the distance between two global points or minutes of latitude, or roughly 1.15 statute miles. Nautical miles are a measure of distance, whereas knots are a measure of speed.

MPH to Knots Conversion

The knot value can be converted to miles per hour by multiplying it by 1.15. On the other hand, if you want to convert miles per hour to knots, divide the miles per hour value by 1.15.

The speed of your cruise ship is 23 miles per hour at 20 knots (kn). Is 10 knots equal to 10 mph? That's 11.5 miles per hour. A knot is similar to 115 mph, and 100 knots equals 115.

Cruise ships: how fast do they go?

The speed of most cruise ships is between 21 and 23 knots (24 and 26 mph). Several factors play a role in determining a cruise ship's speed, including distance to the next port and wave height. Cunard's Queen Mary 2 has a top speed of 34.5 mph or 30 knots.

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