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How to get your disembarkation day right?

Don't know how to plan a perfect disembarkation? Know about some important tips on CruiseBooking to get your disembarkation day right without any inconvenience.

By Cruise Booking Team

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The day you step off the ship and begin your journey home on your final day of a trip is known as the cruise disembarkation day. It is a significant day since it involves paperwork in which you must go through a specific process and clear all of your dues to get off the ship. During this day, a significant number of passengers could leave the ship, which makes it a long process, and it can take 2 hours or longer to complete cruise disembarkation. Regular disembarkation and self-disembarkation are the two types of disembarkation. The process is the same for both, except that self-disembarkation requires you to take your own luggage off the ship.

How to get your disembarkation day right?

You must know the tips to get your disembarkation day right, which will make the process very convenient.

1 - Don’t book a flight home early

It is hard to predict what time you will leave the ship on disembarkation day because the process can be time-consuming. Thus it's best not to book a flight home too soon because you'll have to account for time to disembark from your cruise, grab your luggage, go through customs, and then travel time to the airport. Also, by making an early flight reservation, you run the risk of missing it if bad weather causes your ship to arrive in port later than expected.

2 - Pack your luggage early

Most cruise lines will collect your luggage on the last night of the cruise so you can disembark without dragging your heavy bags. You should pack your whole luggage the night before disembarkation day as you will not have to rush in the morning, and you can double-check to verify you didn’t miss anything. Also, check the wardrobe, lockers, and drawers in your cabin to make sure you don’t leave any valuable items. Make sure you have luggage tags when you pack, as cruise lines require you to show the color of your luggage tags in order to let you leave the ship. As there are thousands of passengers preparing to depart the ship, packing early will allow you to finish your paperwork quickly and get off the ship on time.

3 - Keep checking your onboard account

Check your onboard account on a regular basis to keep track of all the charges that are added to it. By doing so, you will be able to identify and remove any expenses that have been added to your account by mistake. You can generally check this on your cruise app, or you can receive a printed version from a machine or at guest services. It will also make you more cautious about your spending and ensure that you do not go over your budget.

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4 - Book airport transfer through the cruise line

The advantage of booking airport transportation is that the cruise line arranges everything for you, and you will be among the first passengers escorted off the ship. The airport transfer will be ready to pick you up and take you to the airport. If you choose private transportation or a taxi, they may not be as experienced with the disembarkation process and may fail to arrive on time. If your disembarkation time is delayed, cruise line airport transportation will change their schedule. If you use a cab or private service, you may have to contact them and inform them of the new disembarkation time, which can be inconvenient.

5 - Book a luggage valet service

Almost every cruise line has a luggage valet service, so book it ahead of time for disembarkation day. This is incredibly convenient for you because everything is taken care of, from the airport check-in process to your luggage. You will be required to put your luggage outside the night before disembarkation, and the cruise ship staff will handle everything else. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about carrying your luggage around while going through customs, and you will directly see your luggage when you get to your home airport.


Traveling on a cruise is so much pleasure that it's difficult to think about the last day of your vacation and disembarking. Disembarkation day is important but often overlooked by many cruisers, due to which they face difficulties. So, always plan things ahead of time for disembarkation day and keep in mind the tips mentioned above.

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